Samsung and Dr Denim say goodbye to large pockets with Z Flip Pocket Denim Jeans

November 1, 2021
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Limited Edition jeans designed exclusively for the Galaxy Z Flip3 prove that Y2K style and flip phones are truly back in fashion

Samsung Australia, in collaboration with one of Australia’s most beloved jeans brands, Dr Denim, have today announced the release of the ‘Z Flip Pocket Denim’, a limited edition run of jeans celebrating the unique folding form factor of the Galaxy Z Flip3.


Who needs big pockets? They take up too much space, they don’t look stylish, and the latest phones slip and slide inside them. Redesigned so that they exclusively fit the Galaxy Z Flip3, the Z Flip Pocket Denim jeans make big pockets a thing of the past.


Samsung has partnered with Dr Denim to do away with these bulky, unfashionable pockets, debuting one designed to snugly fit the new Galaxy Z Flip3, a device which folds to approximately half the size of a standard flat phone. Gone are the days of large, rectangular pockets that you can’t help but fill to the brim, Samsung and Dr Denim are declaring small, square pockets that better frame the legs the next big trend.


The perfect partner to a stylish, folding phone is a pair of equally stylish jeans that fit it perfectly, ensuring fashion lovers can have both style and practicality with a phone that perfectly fits into jeans without sticking out!



Hayley Walton, Head of Brand Marketing, Samsung Mobile, said, “Smartphones are often not pocket friendly, so we’ve leveraged Dr Denim’s style credentials to design jeans that shake up the pocket norm and perfectly fit our compact Galaxy Z Flip3. Our Galaxy Z Flip3 users expect the very best in design and pocketability, and what better to accompany our premium phones than the perfect pair of bespoke jeans.”


With no need for large pockets when using the stylish new Galaxy Z Flip3, the back pockets on the jeans have been removed, with one ‘flipped’ to the front thigh and scaled down to the exact dimensions of the Galaxy Z Flip3. The original front pockets have been stitched over with two statement Zs – a stylish nod to the innovative, foldable Galaxy Z Series.


The Limited Edition run of Z Flip Pocket Denim is capped at 450 pairs, designed by denim specialists Dr Denim, who are known for disrupting this classic wardrobe staple. And to make this exclusive edition statement piece even more attention grabbing, both the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Flip Pocket Denim arrive in bespoke, stylish packaging.


Mattias Friberg from Dr Denim said: “We wanted to take a classic, blue jean and rework it to create a modern and unique take that shows off the Galaxy Z Flip3. We feel the new Z Flip Pocket Denim is a welcome, if not limited, addition to the Dr Denim family and we’re thrilled to partner with Samsung to bring these stylish jeans to life.”

To further solidify Samsung’s foray into fashion with the Galaxy Z Flip Pocket Denim, industry heavyweight and acclaimed fashion photographer Pierre Toussaint was commissioned for this special collaboration to capture a suite of images, befitting of the world’s most coveted fashion pages.


The Z Flip Pocket Denim jeans retail for $1,499, with the Galaxy Z Flip3 included. Available in both men’s and women’s, the Z Flip Pocket Denim is available for purchase through Dr Denim’s website.


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