Day in My Life: Barry the Cat and Samsung Home Appliances

on August 8, 2023
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In honor of International Cat Day, a special day for cats and cat owners all over the world, Samsung Electronics has asked a very special guest, Barry the Cat, to share his daily life as well as more about the fun and chaos he causes his owners.




Snoozing the Morning Away

▲ Sofas aren’t just for humans — every pet has a favorite napping spot on the couch.


The first thing I like to do after breakfast is take a long nap on the couch. For some strange reason, Delia likes to take a nap in the car while our owners run errands.


“Hey, it’s super fun to lean out the car window!”


Sometimes, we feel bad after naptime due to the amount of hair we leave behind. However, our owners are able to clean up after us with Bespoke Jet™ AI!


▲ Thank you, Pet Tool+!


Bespoke Jet™ AI features a dedicated Pet Tool+1 made especially for animals like me. Thanks to its rubber nozzle and bristles,2 the feature has been optimized to pick up thin, easy-to-miss pet hairs and can effortlessly cut up the collected hairs with its self-cleaning grinder,3 preventing tangling around the drum. Awesome, right?


What’s more, Bespoke Jet™ AI has this clever Battery Mix & Match feature that gives our owners the flexibility to switch between two types of batteries4 — large and lightweight capacity. Once they’re done cleaning up after me in the living room using the large battery, they can easily switch to the powerful, lightweight battery to vacuum the car seats after Delia is done shedding everywhere.


“Don’t forget All-in-One Clean Station™ that easily empties the dustbin, helping you clean to the end!”



Finding the Perfect Spot To Lounge in the Afternoon Sun

▲ Pets love stretching out on the living room rug. Those stains are a shame though!


The next thing on my to-do list is to find the “purrfect” spot in the house to soak in the afternoon sun. There’s no better feeling in the world! Delia likes to stretch out after a long walk too. Why does she need so much exercise?


“There are so many smells to discover! You should go out sometime.”


No thanks, I prefer rolling around on the carpet! However, we do tend to leave a lot of fur around, and sometimes even… a few stains. Oops! Luckily, Samsung has some dedicated laundry solutions to keep all our owners’ clothes and household fabrics clean and hygienic, meaning that my favorite blanket is always fresh, clean and ready for me.


▲ Pet Care Cycle will help with laundry.


Samsung’s Pet Care Top-Loading Washing Machine and Dryer5 feature built-in Pet Care Wash and Dry cycles specifically made for pet owners. Pet Care Wash improves rinsing performance by 2.6 times6 and removes 99% of allergens7 from us. What’s more, Pet Hair Filter removes six times more pet hair!8 Pet Care Dry then effectively removes over 97% of three types of unpleasant smells9 that us fluffy animals might leave behind on fabrics. These laundry appliances also hold bigger loads of laundry and come with SmartThings connectivity too!



Ending the Day With Well-Deserved Snuggles

▲ This sound from air conditioners is irritating!


At the end of a long day, it’s almost time for sleep — Delia and I love falling asleep with our owners.


“That’s right, Barry. Our family snuggles are my favorite!”


The room can get a bit warm when we sleep with our owners, so they turn on the air conditioner. But those regular air conditioners — they’re so noisy and always interrupt my sleep. Lucky for me, Samsung’s WindFree™ Air Conditioner10 has answers!


▲ WindFree™ helps both pets and humans sleep comfortably.


We hear that the WindFree™ Air Conditioner has 23 thousand micro air holes. WindFree™ Cooling ensures we stay comfortably cool with no unpleasant drafts and much less noise11 as it disperses air through those holes. Not to mention, WindFree™ Good Sleep creates the ideal climate in our bedroom for sleeping!


Thanks to SmartThings Energy’s AI Energy mode, our owners can turn on the air conditioner for us when they’re away and reduce energy use by up to 20%.12 Super cool, right?


(“Shhhh! Speaking of their absence, they can even watch me and play music13 through Jet Bot AI+.14“)



Special thanks to Barry and Delia for sharing their story this International Cat Day. Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom to learn more about Samsung’s dedicated pet care solutions as well as the company’s latest leading home appliance technologies and features.



1 Brushes and accessories provided will differ to suit the components of each model.
2 Do not use the Pet Tool+ in a small area for a long time. Do not let the Pet Tool+ continue spinning in one place.
3 Some hairs may remain occasionally.
4 Only available for VS28C978***, VS28C973*** and VS28C7B***.
5 Available on WADV7150C PJT for North America. Feature may differ by model.
6 Based on internal testing of the rinsing ratio which measures the water’s electrical conductivity to assess the amount of detergent remaining before and after rinsing. The rinsing ratio using the Pet Care Wash is 1.05 compared to 0.402 with a Normal cycle which is a 2.6 times better rinsing performance.
7 Tested by Hanyang University based on Samsung internal protocols. Results provided to and interpreted by Intertek. Tested using IEC A* detergent and an IEC 8lb load containing a 10x10cm fabric specimen polluted with hair, dead skin and dust from dogs and cats. Results: Removed 99% or more of the dog/cat allergens tested. Dog allergens (Can f 1) had an average input of 462.0 ± 41 ng/mL and an average output of 2.6 ± 1.5 ng/mL. Cat allergens (Fel d 1) had an average input of 67.2 ± 3.7 ng/mL and an average output of 0.2 ng/mL or less. Results may vary depending on actual usage conditions.
8 Based on internal testing on an 8lb load containing 1g of dog hair. The WA7700A using a Normal cycle removed 4% of pet hairs and the WA7150C using the Pet Care Wash cycle and Pet Hair Filter removed 24% of pet hairs.
9 Based on internal testing, using Samsung internal protocols, on a DOE 3lb load made of DOE standard fabric specimen polluted with three gases: isovaleraldehyde (food), methyl mercaptan (feces) and nonanal (body). Results provided to and interpreted by Intertek. Result may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.
10 This features the AR9500T WindFree™ Air Conditioners
11 Tested on the AR12TXCAAWKNEU model. WindFree™ mode generates only 23dB of noise, compared to 26dB with the conventional Samsung model.
12 Requires the use of the SmartThings app and a Samsung account. Actual savings may vary by usage patterns and environment. Savings realized in comparison to AI Auto mode by adjusting the compressor speed and the target cooling/heating setpoint up to +2℃/-2℃. Setpoint adjustment by the user will exit AI Energy mode.
13 SmartThings Pet Service is available on Android and iOS devices. Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.
14 This features the VR9500T Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum cleaners.

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