Samsung Announces Global Launch of Bespoke AI™ Washer and Dryer, Delivering Smart and Sustainable Solutions for Laundry Day

Korea on July 26, 2022
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With the largest capacity for its class — the reliable performance of the Bespoke AI™ Washer and Dryer will transform laundry day.


Samsung Electronics today announced the release of the Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer, delivering the most sustainable, efficient and intelligent Samsung washer and dryer to date. Equipped with a large capacity and space-saving design, the Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer pair offers powerful and reliable performance that saves users energy, resources and costs. Further expanding on Samsung’s signature Bespoke line-up from the kitchen to the rest of the home, the new washer and dryer offer an experience that is both beautifully designed and functional. The Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer will launch in stores in Europe and the Middle East in August.



Save Energy, Water and Detergent With Every Load

Samsung’s new Bespoke front-load laundry pair deliver a level of convenience and efficiency that allows consumers worldwide to save energy, water and detergent through AI-powered sustainability.


The new Bespoke AI Washer offers AI Ecobubble, which turns detergent into bubbles that quickly get absorbed into the laundry. Using Ecobubble technology, the washer reduces energy usage by up to 70%1 — delivering the same level of cleanliness to clothes, even in cold water. What’s more, the technology also improves soil removal by 24%2 and provides 45.5%3 better fabric care, making every load cleaner and more cared for than ever.


Users can also reduce energy waste with AI Wash Cycle, a smart feature that washes clothes thoroughly and gently with less water and detergent. By detecting the weight and softness of the fabric in each load and analyzing the levels of water turbidity, AI Wash Cycle actively monitors the ongoing soil level of the laundry. By optimizing the perfect amount of water and detergent using Auto Dispense and continually adjusting the soaking, rinsing and spinning times, this feature quickly and efficiently achieves the best results for laundry, every time.


In particular, the Auto Dispense feature uses the exact amount of detergent and softener needed for each load, taking the guesswork out of laundry. It holds enough detergent for up to one month of washing,4 so there is no need to fill up the detergent tank after every load.


When it comes to drying items, the Bespoke AI Dryer also offers a variety of energy-saving options. Heat pump technology in Bespoke AI Dryers provides a more energy-efficient, cost-effective and gentle way to dry clothes. With an energy rating of A+++,5 the Bespoke AI Dryer uses eco-conscious Digital Inverter Compressor technology to dry loads as quickly and efficiently as possible. The AI Dry technology, in particular, continually monitors the temperature and humidity while adjusting the settings to ensure that laundry is optimally dried and no energy is wasted. By using recycled warm air, the dryer can also reduce its overall run cost and carbon footprint.


Finally, as with all Bespoke appliances, both parts of the Bespoke front-load laundry pair are integrated with SmartThings, allowing users to take charge of their energy usage at home using SmartThings Energy. The service lets users easily monitor and manage their energy use and recommends ways to be more efficient, so anyone can practice everyday sustainability with their laundry routine. In addition, SmartThings Clothing Care provides optimal clothing management services customized to users’ lifestyles. Based on the garments’ material, usage patterns and the current season, SmartThings Clothing Care will recommend the best wash and dry cycle for clothes while also letting users schedule laundry, order detergent and more.




Designed With Your Lifestyle in Mind

Laundry rooms can be both stylish and functional. With this in mind, the Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer are designed in line with Bespoke’s vision to create an overall user experience that considers both the usage and space of a product.


SpaceMax technology, in particular, creates more space inside the machine to optimize the mechanical design, incorporating a larger drum without increasing the external dimensions. Consumers can enjoy the washer’s 11-kilogram capacity, the largest available within the 600-millimeter category. What’s more, the new Bespoke front-load laundry pair features a modern, flat-front design that blends into any interior design theme. Finished with a round, tempered-glass door that delivers both style and durability, the Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer’s simple yet clean form factor is the perfect choice for any modern home.


The Bespoke Flat Design lineup also offers convenience and flexibility in installation. Whether stacked vertically or installed side-by-side, the pair can find a way to fit any user’s home. In addition, the washer and dryer are available in Silver, Black and Morning Blue, offering a focal point for any laundry room.



Performance You Can Trust, Year After Year

Purchasing a washer or dryer is a big investment, and Samsung wants to ensure that it is built to last. Unlike traditional motors, the advanced Digital Inverter Motor on Bespoke AI Washer and Dryers utilize strong magnets for a quieter and more powerful performance — all while consuming less energy. Offering a leading level of durability, this motor uses high-quality components and eliminates the use of brushes that wear out. As such, Samsung provides a 20-year warranty6 for the Digital Inverter Motor in machines sold in Europe and made in the U.S., outlining its commitment to building products that are, above all, sustainable.


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1 Tested in accordance with IEC 60456-2010 / 4kg Wash Load / Super Eco Wash cold (WF80F5E5U4W) vs. Cotton 40°C without Ecobubble (WF0702WKU). Individual results may vary.

2 Tested in accordance with IEC 60456-2010 / 4kg Wash Load / Super Eco Wash cold (WF80F5E5U4W) vs. Cotton 40°C without Ecobubble (WF0702WKU). Individual results may vary.

3 Tested in accordance with IEC 60456-2010 / 4kg Wash Load / Super Eco Wash cold (WF80F5E5U4W) vs. Cotton 40°C without Ecobubble (WF0702WKU). Individual results may vary.

4 Auto Dispense holds detergent for up to 1 month’s washing, based on 2~3 washes per week (5kg load/standard usage). May vary depending on the washing load and settings.

5 A+++ rating provided by the European commission.

6 20-year warranty is limited to products sold in Europe and the U.S. For products sold in the U.S., limited to the Digital Inverter Motor of washers assembled in the U.S. purchased on 7/1/2022 or later. A purchase receipt indicating the purchase date is required for a claim. Additional restrictions and limitations apply; see warranty for details.

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