Samsung Unveils SmartThings Home Dubai, Localizing the SmartThings Experience for the Middle East

on October 21, 2022
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On October 6, Samsung Electronics opened the SmartThings Home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates — the first Multi Device Experience space in the Middle East. SmartThings Home Dubai is a 278-square-meter space located on the first floor of the Dubai Butterfly Building, where the Samsung Middle East Headquarters is also located.


Visitors can explore 15 different SmartThings scenarios, packed with features designed to enhance the lifestyles of local customers in the Middle East, such as Prayer Mode and Sandstorm Mode. Read on to learn more about the unique SmartThings scenarios for the Middle East region below.



▲ SmartThings Home Dubai is located on the first floor of the Dubai Butterfly Building, where the Samsung Electronics Middle East Headquarters and Samsung Gulf Electronics are also located.



SmartThings Home, Customized for the Culture and Climate of the Middle East

SmartThings Home Dubai is divided into four zones: Home Office, Living Room & Kitchen, Gaming and Contents Studio. Within these zones, visitors can explore 15 SmartThings scenarios. By connecting SmartThings to various Samsung devices — from mobile devices to home appliances and even display products — visitors can experience firsthand how life becomes more convenient and enjoyable.


▲The experience zones in SmartThings Home Dubai, where visitors can experience how life is enhanced with SmartThings connectivity.


SmartThings Home Dubai also features exclusive zones customized for local residents’ lifestyles, such as Prayer Mode and Sandstorm Mode. Samsung Electronics Middle East Headquarters and Samsung Research’s Samsung R&D Institute Jordan have worked together to develop these specialized scenarios specifically for consumers in the local market.


For instance, Sandstorm Mode was developed for the frequent sand and dust storms in the Middle East. During a sandstorm, simply tap one button on the SmartThings app to enjoy a clean indoor environment. When the Sandstorm Mode is activated, smart blinds block out dust from the outside, an indoor air purifier begins to run and a robot vacuum cleaner begins to tidy up the home.


▲ Activate Sandstorm Mode with the SmartThings application


Prayer Mode was developed for SALAH, which is the prayer of Muslims, observed five times every day at prescribed times. When it becomes time to pray, users will receive a notification on their smartwatch. Then, the user can activate the Prayer Mode on the SmartThings app to create an environment suitable for focusing on the prayer. Prayer Mode activates the smart blinds, adjusts the room’s lighting and turns off the TV. With SmartThings, all products at home can be activated to create an atmosphere to focus on prayer.



▲ Once the Prayer Mode on SmartThings is activated after the user receives a notification on their smartwatch, SmartThings creates the optimal environment for praying by adjusting the indoor smart blinds and lighting, automatically turning off the TV, etc.


Members of Gen Z enjoy expressing themselves through social media — so the Contents Creation Studio in SmartThings Home Dubai was created just for them. Various devices, including smartphones, lighting and TVs, can be controlled with the touch of a button to instantly create a dedicated space optimized for content creation. This studio is open for anyone to use.


▲ A Samsung employee explains to local visitors how to utilize the Content Creation Studio



Samsung Opens the First SmartThings Experience Zone in the Middle East

The event celebrating the opening of SmartThings Home Dubai on October 6 was attended by more than 100 visitors, including the local media, partner companies, government officials and influencers.



▲ Participants of the SmartThings Home Dubai opening event included the local media, such as Dubai TV and Abu Dhabi TV, and partner companies, such as TikTok and Facebook, and influencers.


“Starting with SmartThings Home Dubai, which is the first SmartThings experience zone in the Middle East, we plan to expand the SmartThings experience to major stores, such as brand shops, to continue our effort to explore meaningful experiences through connectivity in the region,” said President of Samsung Gulf Electronics Seong Hyun Lee.

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