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Super Slow-mo Clips Offer Fans a Closer Look at Their Favorite Teams

on June 08, 2018

There are moments in every sport when time seems to slow down. Die-hard fans live for these moments – moments when the pressure’s on, the game is on the line, and their team stands on the cusp of history or heartbreak. It’s in these moments that the impossible becomes possible, lifelong dreams are finally realized, and perhaps most importantly, bragging rights are joyously seized.


When it comes to capturing epic moments like these, the Galaxy S9 stands in a league of its own. The device’s Super Slow-mo feature captures crisp, immersive video at 960 frames per second, allowing fans to slow down and savor every second of big moments when their team makes history, as well as the little moments that remind them of why they love the sport.


Check out the Instagram videos below to see how the Galaxy S9’s Super Slow-mo function has helped big-league sports, such as ice hockey or baseball, elevate the fan experience. To see more photos and videos, search with the hashtag #withGalaxy on Instagram.





Leaving the office today like… 📷: #withGalaxy S9+ Super Slow-mo

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