The Frame vs The Gallery: Which Packs the Largest Punch?

on September 27, 2017
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Samsung Electronics’ The Frame TV boasts striking 4K UHD picture quality when turned on and displays a collection of dazzling artwork when turned off. Bringing the two together in one device is certainly a masterpiece in innovation. But how does viewing artwork at home on The Frame square up to the gallery experience?



Round 1 – Price


For 1,799 euros (about $2,130), an art enthusiast can secure a piece by Wolfgang Uhilig and 1,699 euros (about $2,010) can buy a single work by Tommy Clarke at the Lumas Gallery in Berlin. Even official prints can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Not to mention the cost of protecting and insuring masterpieces – purchasing a work of art is certainly a long-term financial commitment.


By contrast, access to the Samsung Collection’s 100 stunning works from 37 renowned artists is included with purchase of The Frame. To fuel the user’s passion for art, the Art Store offers additional pieces on a curated subscription basis at $4.99 per month, and works from the permanent archive retail at $19.99 each.


Altogether, The Frame can provide around 450 art pieces. With The Frame, art has never been more affordable – or offered an experience as priceless.



Round 2 – Aesthetics


Some say that nothing can compare to viewing the original. But the Frame TV’s Art Mode renders 43, 55, or 65 inches of pure artwork realistic enough to convince observers that they are studying a genuine article.


Art Mode redefines the meaning and purpose of the TV. The Frame can tastefully blend into its surroundings or become a statement piece in the home. Moreover, by displaying one’s own personal photos on The Frame TV, the user becomes the artist, muse and curator.



Round 3 – Convenience and Usability


The world’s most famous galleries are typically located in major cities and aren’t always the easiest to access. For example, tourists can travel thousands of miles simply to catch a glimpse of da Vinci’s famed “Mona Lisa” at the Louvre in Paris. But the tiny portrait is almost impossible to see behind the crowds of people who flock to view the painting on a daily basis.


Whether you pause to observe every detail, or take the occasional glance, viewing an artwork every day from the comfort of your own home can offer new perspectives on the subject.


The Frame also makes a pleasing addition to any public space, such as an office, hotel or hospital, and helps to reduce concern about artwork damage or maintenance.



Round 4 – The Bonus Round


In the final round, the gallery might just throw in the towel. The Frame is not simply a stunning display for artwork, but also a TV with outstanding picture quality. The Frame weighs in with 4K HDR Pro and 4K Color Drive Extreme, which add detail and definition to every image. Equipped with the 2017 Samsung Smart Hub and Samsung Smart View, viewing content on TV has never been easier.


Finally, the One Remote Control provides quick access to almost all connected media devices, so users can effortlessly switch between their favorite TV shows, movies and video games with a single remote.


While galleries exhibit expensive originals in a formal setting, the beauty of The Frame lies in its winning combination of price, picture quality and at-home comfort. On top of these it possesses dual-identity as a 4K UHD TV. Who won this match? You be the judge.

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