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Samsung Looks to Emerging Market to Build Its Smart TV Ecosystem Around the World

July 16, 2011

As apps development for TV is gaining traction around the US and Europe, Samsung aims to expand TV application platform in the emerging market including Brazil and China.

Samsung Electronics, market leader in smart TV, is to build "Smart TV Ecosystem" in a way to make firm its unparalleled leadership in the smart TV market.

Samsung hosted "Samsung Smart TV Developer Day" at Bar Squat -- high class restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil from June 7th to 8th -- where developers and bloggers interested in smart TV apps were present.

At the event, a range of useful information on smart TV market was presented; Samsung smart TV platform and SDK (Software Development Kit) and prospects on the smart TV market.

In line with Samsung Developer Day, Samsung also plans to host "Samsung TV Apps Contest" in Brazil which has seen a great success in other markets.

A process to run the contest -- off-limit for anyone to join -- is unique in and on itself; first, five power bloggers will post their 'wishful application' (dreamt of but not developed yet) on their blogs on the theme of 'My Dream App TV' and developers will initiate to develop an application based on the select ideas.

In the near future, China, Taiwan and India would also see Samsung hosted apps contest event to reflect Samsung's blue print for creating the global smart TV ecosystem.

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