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Samsung Unveils RE:Shakespeare App, an Encounter of Digital and Literature

June 30, 2015

Samsung Electronics has unveiled RE:Shakespeare, an app that enables users to study and experience Britain’s most celebrated playwright’s classic work, Much Ado About Nothing, on their mobile devices.

RE:Shakespeare engages users with several types of content. These include interactive games using popular lines from the play, a virtual reality version of Much Ado About Nothing, where users can watch a scene from the play in a 360-degree experience, and short lecture clips on Shakespearean drama.

Samsung partnered with The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) to create realistic and immersive content. With RE:Shakespeare, the RSC has successfully reproduced the classic play into mobile content that contains modern and entertaining elements.

A number of well-known British actors, including David Tennant, who hosted the app, showed their commitment to make Shakespeare more engaging for pupils.

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