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Corporate Citizenship (249/377)

Partnership with the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme

April 18, 2016

Samsung promotes local volunteering actions throughout the year involving its employees in visits to social institutions, such as NGOs, and in the development of activities with children and adolescents.

Helvio Kanamaru, Senior Manager of Corporate Citizenship at Samsung for Latin America, mentions the importance of voluntary action for the company: “Our volunteers complete the initiatives we developed with students, communities and entities supported by the company in the countries where we operate. Through volunteering, Samsung also enables its employees to take part and learn more about the company’s Corporate Citizenship platform”.

Every year, in October, Samsung also promotes Global Volunteering Month, an activity that aims to benefit hundreds of people, through a schedule of diverse actions to serve the community. In the last three years, Samsung’s volunteering program counted on the participation of nearly 1,500 Samsung employees in Latin America. These volunteer activities have taken place globally since 1994.

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