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The Cordish Companies and Yelp WiFi Provide Guests Free Connectivity Powered by Samsung’s Enterprise Wireless Solutions

Baltimore, MD – August 3, 2017 – The Cordish Companies and Yelp WiFi are collaborating to offer free guest Wi-Fi throughout several of Cordish’s dining, entertainment and hospitality districts using enterprise Wi-Fi network solutions from Samsung Electronics America, Inc. The solution enables guests of these Cordish properties to gain fast, reliable and seamless connectivity for an enhanced user experience. Driven by a partnership between Cordish and Yelp WiFi – with Wi-Fi delivered by Samsung – the solution improves visitor journeys using mobility, while providing guests a more personalized experience while on-site via email, social media and SMS communication.

Over the past several months, The Cordish Companies and Yelp WiFi have worked with Samsung to implement wireless networks at exciting entertainment and dining locations across the country, including Power Plant Live! in Baltimore, MD; Live! at the Battery in Atlanta, GA; and Waterside District in Norfolk, VA.

Yelp WiFi enables businesses to use analytics technology to deliver a range of capabilities, including the ability to require an email or social profile from a customer who signs into a Cordish property’s Wi-Fi network. Each district’s marketing teams can then learn actionable insights and send real-time messages – such as coupons for on-site services – to customers’ mobile phones without the need for an app.

The Cordish Companies have more than ten decades of experience in commercial real estate, and is widely recognized as one of the world’s largest and most respected developers of transformative urban, mixed-use entertainment districts, with over 50 million visitors a year. Through collaboration with Yelp WiFi and Samsung, Cordish continues to expand its world class reputation in entertainment, hotel and hospitality development and operations using wireless connectivity.

“It requires a great deal of innovation and adaptability to keep up with the ever-changing market trends,” stated Paul Weil, Director of IT for The Cordish Companies. “We’re proud to partner with Yelp WiFi and Samsung on this initiative. It is the ideal combination to ensure our guests across the country receive the highest level of hospitality, and can access powerful Wi-Fi—a key utility within the entertainment district experience.”

Social Wi-Fi for Next-Gen Entertainment Districts

To keep up with customers’ high-tech demands, The Cordish Companies and Yelp WiFi not only deliver free Wi-Fi on Samsung’s network, but also provide rewarding capabilities for Cordish customers, such as broadcasting social content on large venue screens or tagging people on video walls. Yelp WiFi’s marketing platform also lets guests receive exclusive promotional offers directly on their smartphones.

To achieve this, Cordish required technology that keeps wireless connectivity consistently strong within large crowds and amongst many obstacles – including high ceilings, thick walls and moving parts such as mobile kiosks and balloons. Samsung 453 Enterprise Wireless Access Points were used to ensure uninterrupted content flow and smooth connectivity.

“Wi-Fi is a powerful tool for learning about and triggering mobile interaction with consumers in the real world,” said Ryan Freeman, Associate Director of Partnerships at Yelp WiFi. “Yelp WiFi is working with the Cordish team to help bring the same type of personalized experience that consumers are used to online into Cordish’s real-world mixed-use districts. We are able to leverage Samsung’s leading Wi-Fi infrastructure in conjunction with Yelp WiFi’s cloud capabilities to make these experiences a reality.”

“When a guest visits a business, not only is reliable Wi-Fi expected, but there’s also hope of uninterrupted coverage across entire facilities. With the vast size of each Cordish property, it was crucial that we create a solution to meet these important business needs,” said Imran Akbar, Vice President & General Manager for Wireless Enterprise at Samsung Networks.  “Samsung’s network infrastructure was built to help Cordish and Yelp WiFi achieve their goal of great guest loyalty and satisfaction.”

About Yelp WiFi:
Formerly known as Turnstyle and acquired by Yelp in 2017, Yelp WiFi is a location-based marketing and analytics platform that utilizes public Wi-Fi to attract, retain and reward customers. Yelp WiFi enables clients to learn actionable insights about on-premises customer behavior and send real-time messages to customers’ phones. Yelp WiFi helps its clients monetize their Wi-Fi by introducing the same tools to the physical world as retailers have enjoyed online for over a decade. For more information or inquiries, contact info@yelpwifi.com

About The Cordish Companies:
The Cordish Companies’ origins date back to 1910 and encompass four generations of privately-held, family ownership. During the past ten decades, The Cordish Companies has grown into a global leader in Commercial Real Estate; Coworking Spaces; Entertainment Districts; Gaming; Hotels; International Development; Private Equity; Residential; Restaurants; and Sports-Anchored Developments. One of the largest and most respected developers in the world, The Cordish Companies has been awarded an unprecedented seven Urban Land Institute Awards for Excellence for public-private developments that are of unique significance to the cities in which they are located. Prime examples are The Cordish Companies’ prominent role in the redevelopment of Baltimore’s world famous Inner Harbor; Philadelphia, PA; Atlantic City, NJ; Charleston, SC; Houston, TX; Louisville, KY; Kansas City, MO and St. Louis, MO. In addition, The Cordish Companies has developed and operates multiple highly acclaimed entertainment destinations throughout the United States which welcome over 50 million visitors per year and are the most visited destinations in their respective regions. Over the generations, The Cordish Companies has remained true to the family’s core values of quality, entrepreneurial spirit, long-term personal relationships and integrity. As a testimony to the long-term vision of its family leadership, The Cordish Companies still owns and manages virtually every business it has created. For more information visit www.cordish.com or follow us on Twitter.

“The Cordish Companies,” “The Cordish Company” and “Cordish” are trademarks used under license by independent corporations, legal liability companies and partnerships (“Cordish Entities”). Each Cordish Entity is a separate, single-purpose legal entity that is solely responsible for its obligations and liabilities. No common operations or financial interdependency, and no intermingling of assets or liabilities of the Cordish Entities exists, or should be deemed to exist, as a result of the potential common reference to multiple independent entities operating under the names “Cordish,” “The Cordish Companies” or “The Cordish Company” here or elsewhere.


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