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How Interior Designer Parker Bowie Larson Freshened Up Her Laundry Room with Colorful Design & Bespoke Laundry


The name Parker Bowie Larson is synonymous with style and innovation in the world of interior design and decor. With decades of experience working at top interior design magazines, Parker has curated captivating product stories that graced the front pages of publications like ELLE DECOR and Architectural Digest. This exposure coupled with her eye and expertise in design naturally led her to transition into a career in interior design. Nowadays, Parker is known as an industry tastemaker, stylist and interior designer, consistently setting the bar higher with each passing season.

What sets her apart, however, is her unquenchable thirst for inspiration. One of the best parts of her job, says Parker, is seeing what’s new at industry tradeshows – from textiles in Paris and furniture in North Carolina to kitchen and bath in Las Vegas. After almost two decades of recommending the finest product to readers, she is now graciously sharing her own renovation journey.

Samsung sat down with Parker to discuss her latest project – a laundry room makeover – and her approach to designing spaces that blend both style and functionality.

Parker Bowie Larson

Interior designer Parker Bowie Larson. Photo by Liv Tiernan Photography.

Q: What sparks inspiration for you? How do you carry that through to your styling and designs?

When I walk into a room, I can immediately envision what it could be. Coming from my product-focused background, I like to start by thinking about the statement of the room whether it is the wallpaper, a rug, or a piece of furniture. I think design should always reflect your life experiences and my style reflects the tradeshows, events, and interiors I have been lucky enough to be exposed to.

Two pictures showing laundry room makeover with Samsung washers and dryers

Before and after the laundry room makeover. Left photo by Parker Bowie Larson. Right photo by Liv Tiernan Photography.

Q: You recently did a laundry room makeover. What’s the first step you took in the design process?

The laundry room’s number one purpose is functionality, so I actually started with the appliances. I have always encouraged our readers to go with color when making their choice in machines, and I was excited to find that Samsung’s Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer came in Brushed Navy (they also come in Forest Green!). I am an avid admirer of color and pattern so statement wallpaper was a must, and I chose one of my favorite designs Bambu by Casa Branca to make my blue washers and dryers stand out even more.

Q: What are some rules you like to follow when designing a laundry room? Is there a common mistake people make when revamping the space?

Laundry rooms are having a moment like the kitchen did years ago. Instead of being rooms hidden away, they are now rooms to be proud of. A common mistake I see when people revamp their laundry room is that they don’t take enough risk. We all spend so much time in our laundry spaces so it should be an area that makes you happy when you’re in it.

Samsung Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer

Samsung Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer. Photo by Liv Tiernan Photography.

Q: You can’t have a laundry room without the essentials: a washer and dryer. How did you decide on which ones to include in the space?

As a mom of three, for me it was important to have smart technology that would allow me to control the machines from my phone. I love how Samsung’s Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer will determine what setting is best for each load, and the song that alerts me when it’s finished is an added bonus! Also, the washer holds detergent for you, so you don’t have to refill with each use, which helps a lot with keeping it clean. For some reason, my detergent pouring skills are not the best, and I usually make a mess.

Q: In what ways are Bespoke Laundry appliances suited for your family? How have they simplified the clothes cleaning routine?

With three kids ages six and under, we have lots of dirty laundry, and I love how the Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer allow you to easily monitor your load on the app. The machines use AI technology to help me decide which cycle I should do depending on the dirt levels of the clothes for the washer and the dampness of them for the dryer adjusting the run time accordingly, which helps so much with energy efficiency and makes our daily ritual more cost effective. The Ultra Capacity size is also key as I am an avid linen collector so I really like the fact that I can wash my quilts and duvets in it as well.

Ironing board

The ironing station. Photo by Liv Tiernan Photography.

Q: How did you incorporate styling and décor features around your Brushed Navy Bespoke Laundry sets?

For this project, I actually started with my appliance choice coordinating the wallpaper with the brushed navy blue finish on the washer and dryers. I wanted the space to feel happy, so I brightened it up by bringing out the coral color in the Casa Branca Bambu pattern with custom Roman shades, an undercounter sink skirt, and a custom ironing board cover. The Bespoke AI Laundry pair comes in three colors – Forest Green, Silver Steel, or Brushed Navy – so you can select the hue that best complements your décor.

Parker Bowie Larson's laundry room sink

The sink, with fresh flowers. Photo by Liv Tiernan Photography.

Q: What’s your favorite spot in your new laundry room?

I would have to say the sink. I am always doing floral arrangements for shoots or my home. Fresh flowers make all of the difference in a space! Having a well decorated place to do so that is not in the middle of my kitchen is such a luxury. My old laundry room was in the unfinished part of our basement and had a very utilitarian sink that was not fun to arrange in.

Pink laundry room by Parker Bowie Larson

“I wanted the space to feel happy,” said Parker Bowie Larson. Photo by Liv Tiernan Photography.

Q: Are there any design trends that have caught your eye or perhaps some that you’re ready to move on from?

Atlanta based decorator, Suzanne Kasler used a light pink de Gournay wallcovering for her High Point showroom at Hickory Chair a few years ago, and since then, I’ve seen a return to pretty. We are seeing more interiors that are full of color and pattern versus the austere, minimalistic phase we went through in the 2010s. Whether homeowners are modern or traditional, they want to surround themselves with meaningful and well-made items that reflect their unique story.

Q: What’s your next home makeover project, particularly in terms of the next room or space you plan to tackle?

My kids are begging me for a playroom like we had at our old home so I’m hoping that can be my next project. It has been the biggest compliment that they want me to recreate it exactly as we had it at our old house “with the monkey bars, rock climbing wall, and swing.” They are my first repeat clients!

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