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A Rose Among the Stars

Let’s take a trip back in time. It’s 1988 and microwave ovens, color TVs and VCRs are all the rage. You receive a job offer from an offshore tech company that’s relatively unknown and hasn’t been doing business in the U.S. for very long. You accept the offer, despite the risk, because you see something in the company you can’t quite explain. Something that leads you to believe greatness isn’t too far away.

Fast forward 28 years, and you’re still with that company. You’ve had a front-row seat as the enterprise morphed from an industry newbie into an industry behemoth—globally renowned for its innovative processes and cutting-edge technology. Throughout this long journey, one thought was ever-present: “I knew we would get here.”

This is where the story of Rose Luppino begins.

When Rose, who now helps manage Samsung’s distributor and B2B sales efforts, first received the call from a Samsung recruiter, she had never heard of the company. But she was intrigued by the conversation and decided to pursue the opportunity. Needless to say, that was the start of her long and prosperous journey at what is now the world’s largest tech firm.

Rose Luppino is a popular figure around Samsung's headquarters in New Jersey.
Rose Luppino is a popular figure around Samsung’s headquarters in New Jersey.

“I care a lot about this company,” explained Rose. “The people here are like my family. That’s how I’ve been able to stay here so long.”

Rose’s unwavering commitment to Samsung is without question. Adorning her desk are photos collected throughout the years that tell the stories of good times with colleagues; reminders of great company milestones; and the many awards and honors she’s racked up over nearly three decades. These reminders serve as an inspiration and source of pride for the venerable mainstay.

In her day-to-day role, Rose manages the relationships between Samsung and more than 100 independent retailers—driving sales across a wide range of products including TV, audio, memory and tablets.

Extremely protective of Samsung and its reputation, she isn’t shy about letting others know how she feels about competing brands.

“People are free to buy whatever they want—but I don’t care about those other brands,” she openly admitted. “I don’t want them around me.”

This level of passion and commitment to Samsung isn’t exclusive to Rose. Many employees, throughout offices across the country, recognize the value of the brand and feel the same enthusiasm about the work we do on a daily basis. They are committed to our goal—as we are committed to them. Employees like Rose are the fabric of Samsung—and together, we will continue to change the world for many years to come.

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