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Samsung Brings Network Innovation to AT&T’s New Fixed 5G Trials

Samsung 5G Key RF Chipset

Ridgefield Park, NJ —Samsung Electronics America, Inc. will participate in AT&T’s expanded fixed 5G trials being conducted through the end of this year. In a release issued today, AT&T announced it is launching its new trials with three vendors across several locations, which will include Samsung’s end-to-end 5G solutions and products delivered to homes and businesses in South Bend, Indiana.

This is part of AT&T’s ongoing tests of fixed and mobile wireless solutions operating in mmWave spectrum, the learnings of which will help AT&T accelerate mobile 5G testing through the end of this year and commercial 5G deployments in mmWave spectrum bands expected by late 2018.

“As AT&T advances its 5G strategy, we welcome the continued collaboration with their teams to not only deliver 5G to AT&T’s trial markets, but also identify and execute new use cases,” said Wilf Norrlinger, Vice President & General Manager, Networks Division, Samsung Electronics America. “We are excited that Samsung’s end-to-end 5G solution will enable AT&T customers to experience this next generation wireless service.”

Samsung’s end-to-end portfolio of 5G network products and solutions – announced earlier this year – will be featured in AT&T’s trials in Indiana. This includes its virtualized core and virtualized RAN (vRAN), as well as Samsung’s 5G home router to provide service inside local businesses and homes. In their announcement, AT&T stated that trial markets will range from local neighborhood coffee shops to high-rise office towers. Participants will be able to stream premium live TV via DIRECTV NOW and experience high-quality broadband service through an ultra-fast and reliable 5G internet connection.

For more information on AT&T’s expanded 5G trials, please visit their press release here.

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