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Partners in Sustainability: uBreakiFix – the Global Recycling Day Edition


Many of the sustainability challenges that we prioritize at Samsung – whether it be realizing a circular economy or optimizing energy efficiency – are enhanced through partnerships and collaborative initiatives with credible, knowledgeable, and innovative brands, environmental organizations, and industry groups. Together with these like-minded eco-conscious allies, we are putting our scale, global presence, and pioneering spirit to work on building a more sustainable and equitable future.

As part of our “Partners in Sustainability” series – this one timed to Global Recycling Day, which aims to promote the vitality of recycling across the globe – Samsung’s esteemed partner, uBreakiFix® by Asurion, shares their views on how tackling environmental challenges requires unparalleled cooperation. Working alongside partners like uBreakiFix®, Samsung is empowering consumers to have a meaningful impact on the environment.

Since 2012, we have collected and recycled over 1.2 billion pounds of e-waste in the U.S., which is like collecting 50 laptops or 500 smartphones every minute!1 With over 1,700 e-waste recycling locations, including uBreakiFix® and Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions™ stores, customers can conveniently drop off or trade in eligible devices, including cell phones, tablets, computers, printers, game consoles, DVD players, cords, and chargers. Then, with the help of our partners, the devices are refurbished. Products that cannot be repaired, or electronics scrap generated in the repair process are recycled by Samsung-authorized recycling partners following E-Stewards certification standards, designed to promote the best practices for responsible e-waste recycling. And since December 2020, Samsung and uBreakiFix® have worked together to offer in-store e-waste collection for a wide variety of electronics at all U.S. uBreakiFix® stores, at no cost to customers.

For those not ready to turn in their tech just yet, Samsung offers the #1 Service Center Network Coverage in the U.S. for mobile devices,2 including same-day Samsung Authorized Care service support at over 750 uBreakiFix® and Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions™ locations nationwide. Visit for more about our commitment to responsible recycling and to take advantage of our convenient care options.

Name:Terry Madona
Title:Vice President, Partner Management & Merchandising
Partner:uBreakiFix by Asurion
Years working together:5 years
Partnership focus:Device repair and recycling
1. What does sustainability mean to uBreakiFix by Asurion?

For us, sustainability means helping people extend the lifespan of their favorite devices through tech repair and maintenance services. Our work goes beyond fixing a cracked screen or replacing an aging battery; it’s about making people’s tech last longer so they can upgrade when they want to, not because they feel they have to. If a device is beyond repair, or if you no longer have a need for it, we can also take those devices off your hands and route them to a Samsung-authorized recycling partner so their components can be reused.

 2. What are some of the ways that the company is compelling U.S. consumers to think differently about device care and the life cycle of their tech?

We like to think of our tech devices like our cars in terms of routine maintenance. Preventative measures like cleanings and tune-ups not only keep devices humming, but also give us an opportunity to catch small issues before they turn into something bigger and more costly. We’re of course here for when you drop your phone on the asphalt or spill coffee across your keyboard – but we’re also encouraging people to consider routine maintenance as a way to get more mileage out of their current devices. When it comes time to upgrade, those old devices might even be in good enough shape to re-gift, donate, or repurpose before having to recycle.

 3. Why is it important to provide easy ways for people to responsibly recycle their e-waste?

Lots of people have what we call the “tech graveyard” – a shoebox, junk drawer, or storage closet where they stash their old electronics, stray cables, and chargers. Often, people hold on to these things because they don’t know what else to do with them, and they assume dealing with it will be a hassle. What we don’t want is for those devices to eventually end up in the trash and in a landfill somewhere. As a company, we have always prided ourselves on making device repair as convenient as possible – and thanks to our partnership with Samsung, we’re able to also make device recycling equally convenient for people.

 4. How do you work with companies like Samsung who are “walking the talk” on corporate sustainability, particularly in relation to its circular economy principles?

We are proud to have served as an authorized service provider for Samsung since 2018 and appreciate Samsung’s commitment to providing convenient, best-in-class repair options for its customers. As a Samsung recycling partner since 2020, we are glad to use our store footprint to help extend the reach and accessibility of Samsung’s recycling program.

 5. Why do you think collaboration is one of the keys to unlocking solutions to the climate crisis?

True change cannot happen in isolation. It takes a collective effort to raise awareness, create solutions, and encourage adoption of those solutions. Everyone contributes to a different piece of the puzzle.

1 Based on average laptop weight of 2041g and average phone weight of 179g.
2 Among leading smart phone manufacturers (in-warranty authorized locations only); based on population within 30 min. drive of walk-in service center or home van service center ($30 home van service fee).

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