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QLED 8K opens your life-like window to the world

le 05-11-2018

Why Samsung is lifting the television market to a new era


It’s in Samsung’s DNA to launch revolutionary and meaningful technologies to improve your lives and individual experiences. Samsung has been the world’s number one TV manufacturer for 12 years and counting thanks to continuously raising the bar for your picture quality, technology and design. The introduction of 8K as the highest standard in TV screen quality marks a new chapter to our success story. It also sets a new benchmark regarding your superb viewing experiences.


Our 8K’s 33 million pixels offer TV lovers the most life-like possible television experience, making you feel like you’re looking through a window. The immense pixel density allows you to experience television shows on TVs with screens measuring 65, 75 or 85 inches – segments that are booming[1]. By enabling 8K on 65-inch screens, we at Samsung fuel the budget friendly introduction and adoption of 8K technology to the broadest audience possible.


Samsung’s QLED 8K elevates every piece of content to the next level, too. This TV features an AI Upscaling technology that transforms UHD (Ultra-High Definition), HD (High Definition) and even SD (Standard Definition) content into higher quality resolution images. This means that your Christmas break ritual – watching the 1990 classic ‘Home Alone’ on Netflix – will be spookier than ever before. This technology also includes a sound optimization function that propels the personalized engagement of the future. Experiencing your favorite soccer team score as if you were at the stadium will become the new normal. Still, there’s more: the inclusive Ambient Mode seamlessly blends your ‘off’ TV screen into your interior by displaying your holiday pictures, local weather updates or soothing patterns.


The time of immersive 8K content is now, without a doubt! It took less than five years for UHD TVs to overtake FHD models in global sales. The sales of 8K TVs will quadruple over the next few years, predictions show. Today’s 8K content is already available on YouTube, Vimeo and in the film industry – like in the blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Major tennis tournaments such as Roland Garros and Wimbledon have also been captured in 8K, as will the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Our QLED 8K TV will let you enjoy every inch of your screen like never before. That’s a promise we at Samsung can make.


[1] IHS Markit TV Sets Market Tracker – Forecast Q1 2018, Information is not an endorsement of Samsung. Any reliance on these results is at the third party’s own risk. Visit for more details.

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