Experience Zone

Explore and experience the technologies of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Samsung d'light

The name Samsung d’light comes from combining the words “digital” and “light.” The three-story experience center, located in Seoul, offers the chance to explore the creative digital technologies that are leading the world to a brighter future.
Exciting interactive displays give a first-hand look at the innovations that are shaping the development of semiconductors, education and more. Visitors can also experience the possibilities to come in future home appliances. After completing the tour, visitors are invited to the Samsung d’light store.

Samsung Innovation Museum, S/I/M

Samsung Innovation Museum is located in Suwon, just an hour from Seoul, the city where Samsung’s story begins. Housing four exhibition halls, S/I/M covers an extensive history of Samsung Electronics and the evolution of the electronics industry, from the discovery of electricity to the technologies of today.
Touring the exhibition halls, visitors can see how innovation has changed and enriched the lives of people around the world. The collections include inventions from over the decades, ranging from early models of home appliances to the latest electronic devices.