Samsung AI News


Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly emerged as a leading future technology. Samsung Electronics has long recognized the significance of AI, and its active investment in the area is illustrated by the establishment of global AI research facilities and the company’s efforts to recruit AI experts.


With more than half a billion devices sold every year, Samsung is uniquely equipped to bring the world of interconnected AI to life by providing a wide range of products from TVs, smartphones to semiconductors.


Samsung has high standards for its AI developments, with the company insisting that its developments in the sector be user-centric, as well as: always there, always helpful, always safe and always learning.


Also, Samsung recognizes that it has an obligation to establish services that are responsible across the board, as demonstrated by its AI development principle which states that it will proceed: With Fairness, With Accountability and With Transparency.


To stay true to this vision, Samsung Newsroom has launched ‘Samsung AI News’ to provide updates on and insights into the latest AI trends and innovations.