Everything You Need To Know About: Screen Burn

on January 18, 2018
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Screen burn is an issue in the TV market, but not everyone is aware of exactly what it is, the issues it can cause and what brands like Samsung are doing to safeguard its screens.


So, what is screen burn?


Screen burn can occur if a still image is present for a long period of time, causing the pixels to create a ghost-like imprint which remains even when on the on-screen content has changed or moved.


What’s more, certain viewing habits particularly lend themselves to screen burn – your screen is more susceptible when; you’re watching a long film, a football match on the sports channel or trying out a new Xbox game.



The OLED Issue


On an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen each pixel has a different lifespan because they are lit individually. The longer the pixel is turned on, the shorter its lifespan, compromising the brightness of the light and causing part of the image to be retained. The technology, is by its very definition, an organic technology – meaning it degrades over time and when pushed to its maximum capacity this degradation happens even faster.


Despite this, given that OLED technology is used amongst the majority of TV brands, a large number of consumers purchase and own OLED TV’s. Additionally, an increase of HDR formats pushing brightness levels further is resulting in a greater risk of screen burn.


Due to the nature of these technologies, after the 2nd or 3rd year of owning an OLED screen, consumers will start to experience the degradation of the visuals and an influx of issues including screen burn. This is reflected in the growing number of concerns about screen burn on various forums and testing sites.

What makes Samsung TV’s different?


Simple – Samsung uses technology which is not impacted by screen burn making it easier for consumers to enjoy the best quality viewing. Samsung’s QLED and Dynamic Crystal Colour UHD aren’t susceptible to screen burn like other TV’s on the market, and impartial test results prove this. What’s more, Samsung is offering a full 10 year screen burn warranty* with every purchase of its 2017 QLED, The Frame or Dynamic Crystal Colour UHD TV from now – 30th November 2018. This means that you can put your feet up and switch your favourite programme on, knowing that your TV is safeguarded and ready to be enjoyed for many more years to come.


To learn more on the subject, check out this video: 


The Terms & Conditions


  • *Warranty must be registered within 90 days of purchase, T&Cs apply

 The promotion is valid until 30th November 2018 for the following TV models:


  • 2017 QLED TV’s & The Frame (Q9F, Q8C, Q8F, Q7C, Q6F, The Frame)
  • 2017 Dynamic Crystal Colour UHD TV’s (MU9000, MU8000, MU7070, MU7000)
  • 2016 SUHD Quantum dot TV’s (KS9000, KS8000, KS7500, KS7000)


Full T&Cs can be found here.

For any issues related to customer service, please go to samsung.com/uk/support for assistance.
For media inquiries, please contact seuk.pr@samsung.com.

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