Is This the End of Spoiler Alerts and Queues? Dr Hannah Fry and Suzi Ruffell Explore What a 5G Future May Hold With A New Podcast

on October 9, 2020
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From cameras with superpowers to connected cows, the hosts debate the fascinating ways 5G is shaping our future with the help of Samsung

LONDON, UK – 9th October, 2020Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd is excited to announce the arrival of a new podcast that explores how 5G is already changing our everyday lives.


Hosted by mathematician, Dr Hannah Fry and award-winning comedian Suzi Ruffell, each episode of the Whatever Next? podcast will focus on a different hot topic. From personalising the ending of the films we watch, to revolutionising the food on our plates, every instalment will discover the many ways 5G is shaping our future – helping people get under the skin of its impact.


The podcast aims to get to the heart of the potential around 5G and lifts the lid on the many weird and wonderful ways it will impact our lives. Whilst none of us really know what the future holds, Hannah and Suzi explore how – with the combination of ideas, 5G and cutting-edge technology – we all have the power to create whatever’s next. Whatever Next? Brings Fry and Ruffell together with top experts in eight episodes that will air regularly between now and Christmas.


Episodes 1-4 of Whatever Next? include:


  • Episode One: Films that you can direct with your face…Whatever next?

Have you ever wanted to give a film a different ending? In this first episode, Doctor Hannah Fry and comedian Suzi Ruffell look at how this might be possible in the very near future, thanks to 5G.


  • Episode Two: A camera with superpowers…Whatever next?

Cameras with superpowers, apps that help people with visual impairments see and pictures you can never lose. The hosts give us a snapshot into the ever-changing world of photography.


  • Episode Three: Brain controlled gaming…Whatever next?

We’ve gone from joysticks to VR headsets in a flash. The gaming industry is constantly changing and it’s hard to keep up. This episode looks at how gaming technology is helping to manage disaster relief and is being used in exposure therapy.


  • Episode Four: 5G Connected Cows…Whatever next?

From farming crops to printing out our food, the food industry is being revolutionised by new technology. Fry and Ruffell get up close and personal with a 5G cow – yes a 5G cow – and record the episode while sipping on some sweet 5G wine.


Comedian host, Suzi Ruffell, said “This podcast has taken me on an incredible and frankly hilarious journey to explore all areas of 5G, breaking it down in a way that surprises, delights and makes sense of a pretty misunderstood topic. I’m sure by the end of it I’ll feel like a technology wiz and hopefully this podcast will help other people to feel the same.”


Fellow host, Dr Hannah Fry explains “Skipping traffic jams, sizing up 5G cows and drinking 5G wine? Who knew that was a thing! In Whatever Next? we combine cutting-edge technology, passionate experts and 5G connectivity to unearth some very nifty innovations.”


The new Whatever Next? Podcast, exploring how 5G is shaping our future and brought to you by Samsung, is available via ACAST on all major podcast platforms: 

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