Navy Kitchen Trend: Samsung’s Top Navy Home Appliances Designed to Make an Impact

on August 15, 2022
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Strong blue tones, such as navy, are the must-have chic colours in the home. Packed full of sophistication, navy is quickly becoming the go-to colour for kitchens and home appliances.


This trend has been picked up by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. following the launch of its new hero Bespoke Home products, including the Bespoke RF8000 French Door Fridge Freezer with Beverage Center™ in Metal Navy, the Bespoke Combi Fridge Freezer and the Bespoke Tall 1 Door Freezer in Glam Navy, as well as the Bespoke Jet™ Pro Extra in Midnight Blue. What’s more, it’s due to launch the new Series 6 Ovens and Combi Oven in Clean Navy this month, featuring innovative ways to steam and air fry food to promote healthy eating.


Tanya Weller, Marketing Director of Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics (UK & Ireland) Ltd., comments on the navy trend: “Samsung’s range of home appliances offer every consumer the opportunity to live a fully customised life, supported by technology innovations that suit their unique lifestyles.


“Our Bespoke range of products feature customisable colourways and set-ups, designed to evolve with your lifestyle so you never have to compromise on design or functionality. Consumer patterns are always changing, and preference and personal tastes are now at the centre. To meet these evolving circumstances, we have expanded our Bespoke line-up to offer consumers more opportunity to represent their individual styles throughout the entire home.”


Joa Studholme, Colour Curator of Farrow & Ball, shares her insights and tips on working with navy in the home: “After some turbulent years, we are yearning to have a little more colour in our homes instead of living in neutral boxes, and the introduction of navy in the kitchen is the perfect first step to filling our homes with life enhancing colour.


“In order to keep kitchens feeling big and light, many people favour using navy on kitchen units in combination with neutral walls – although it is best to combine navy with a stoney neutral rather than a pure white, which can look too contrasty and make the navy appear almost black. This of course works perfectly for navy home appliances as well.


“One of the great aspects of navy is that it is utterly timeless, so works just as perfectly in a sleek contemporary kitchen as it does in a more relaxed old school space. Navy often exudes calm and serenity, but it can also ooze grandeur and luxe – so it’s a colour that suits pretty much everyone.”


Bespoke RF8000 French Door Fridge Freezer with Beverage Center™


(Image 1: Samsung Bespoke RF8000 French Door Fridge Freezer)



Available in Metal Navy, the Bespoke RF8000 French Door Fridge Freezer pairs beautiful design with unique technologies that together inspire entirely new ways of living. The Bespoke French Door Fridge Freezer offers a versatile Cool Select+™ drawer, which can be converted from freezer to fridge depending on your needs.


One new point of innovation for Samsung’s Bespoke Fridge Freezer is the Beverage Center™. Featuring a water dispenser and autofill water pitcher hidden inside the door, the Beverage Center™ offers a convenient solution that enables the fridge to feature a smooth exterior. What’s more, the clutter-free and clean styling of the flat doors and recessed handles offer a timeless simple design that fits perfectly with the modern trend.


(Image 2: Samsung Bespoke RF8000 French Door Fridge Freezer’s Beverage Center)


RRP £3,949



Bespoke Combi Fridge Freezer  


(Image 3: Samsung Bespoke Combi Fridge Freezer)


Available in Glam Navy, Samsung’s Bespoke Combi Fridge Freezer allows for multiple pairing of products for increased capacity. With the customisable inner space, customers can simply take out or add fridge shelves to create more room and minimise any wasted space.


RRP £1199


Bespoke Tall 1 Door Freezer

(Image 4: Samsung Bespoke Tall 1 Door Freezer)


Built to suit your lifestyle, Samsung’s Bespoke Tall 1 Door Freezer comes in a seamless and sleek design. Equipped with SpaceMax™ technology, the Freezer has thinner walls, leaving more space for food storage on the inside while the outside size stays the same.


RRP £1,049


Bespoke Jet™ Pro Extra

Samsung’s Bespoke Jet™ Pro Extra comes in a stylish Midnight Blue colourway. The powerful, light and efficient cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with an All-in-One Clean Station™ that can automatically empty dust and delivers hygienic cleaning, with a 99.999 per cent Multi-Layered Filtration System[1]. The lightweight design ensures maximum usability and reduces and strain or difficulty. Its stylish design means you no longer have to lock your vacuum away, simply have it out on display and show off its modern design.


(Image 5 : Samsung Bespoke Jet™ Pro Extra)


RRP £999.00


Series 6 Ovens and Combi Oven


(Image 6: Samsung Series 6 Combi Oven)


Samsung’s newly launched 6 series ovens and combi oven[2] in Clean Navy come with various steam features that promote healthy eating. The oven and combi oven are also equipped with SmartThings Cooking, allowing for a seamless grocery shopping experience. Weekly meal plans can be generated along with personalised recipes with easy-to-follow instructions that suit your personal requirements.


With recent research by Samsung revealing that 70 percent of Britons have steamed their food to try and eat better, and more than half (53%) have turned to air frying[3], the ovens are equipped with features that promote healthy eating, including innovative ways to steam and air fry.


RRP starts from £1,499.99



[1] Tested based on IEC 62885-2, CL.5.11 using the Jet mode by SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH. Results may vary depending on actual usage.

[2] NV7B6685AAN/U4, NV7B6675CAN/U4 and NQ5B6753CAN/U4.

[3] Samsung ‘Healthy Eating’ Research 2022 with OnePoll, surveying 2,000 British adults between 21.02.2022 – 23.02.2022.



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