Samsung Electronics Unveils New Odyssey OLED, Smart Monitor and ViewFinity Lineups With Integrated 2024 Launch

June 4, 2024
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Next-level OLED experiences get prevention from burn-in with new proprietary technology on latest Odyssey OLED series

Smart features powered by AI bring enhanced entertainment to Smart Monitor M8 and Odyssey OLED G8, while new ViewFinity models enable more efficient workplaces


LONDON, U.K – Jun 4, 2024 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced the global launch of its 2024 Odyssey OLED gaming monitor, Smart Monitor and ViewFinity monitor lineups.


These new and updated models bring features that people want — as well as some they don’t expect — to deliver new experiences, no matter how they use their monitors. The Odyssey lineup brings a next-level OLED experience and new AI capabilities[1] to the Odyssey OLED G8; the Smart Monitor lineup heightens joy with more enhanced entertainment features, plus the Smart Monitor M8 powered by AI; and the ViewFinity lineup boosts connectivity to create a complete workstation.


“Our latest monitor lineups deliver a breadth of options to users globally and create better experiences, no matter how people use them,” said Hoon Chung, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “From the groundbreaking AI-powered Odyssey OLED gaming monitor to multi-device experiences in the Smart Monitor and ViewFinity lineups, Samsung remains committed to redefining the market and delivering cutting-edge technologies to users everywhere.”


Odyssey OLED Series: Visual Excellence With New Burn-In Prevention Features




The 2024 Odyssey OLED models expand Samsung’s offerings of next-generation OLED performance with the new Odyssey OLED G8 (G80SD model) and Odyssey OLED G6 (G60SD model).


The Odyssey OLED G8 is the first flat 32” Samsung OLED gaming monitor with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio. It has a 240Hz refresh rate and 0.03ms gray-to-gray (GtG) response time for ultra smooth and responsive gameplay. The Odyssey OLED G6 is a 27” QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution monitor, supporting a 16:9 aspect ratio. Its 360Hz refresh rate and 0.03ms GtG response time make it easy for gamers to keep up with fast-moving gameplay.



The new Odyssey OLED G8 is Samsung’s first OLED gaming monitor powered by AI. The NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, which is the same processor Samsung uses in its 2024 8K TV, upscales content to nearly 4K when using Samsung Gaming Hub [2] and the monitor’s native Smart TV apps for higher resolution in gaming and entertainment.[3]


Both new OLED models feature Samsung OLED Safeguard+, a new proprietary burn-in protection technology. This technology is the first in the world to prevent burn-in by applying a pulsating heat pipe to the monitor. Additionally, the Dynamic Cooling System evaporates and condenses a coolant to diffuse heat five times more effectively than the older graphite sheet method, which prevents burn-in by reducing temperature at the core. The monitor also detects static images like logos and taskbars, automatically reducing their brightness to provide another means of burn-in prevention.[4]


The Odyssey OLED G8 and OLED G6 both deliver unmatched OLED picture quality with a brightness of 250 nits (Typ.), while FreeSync Premium Pro keeps the GPU and display panel synced up to eliminate choppiness, screen lag and screen tearing.


Samsung’s new OLED Glare Free technology[5] also preserves colour accuracy and reduces reflections while maintaining image sharpness to ensure an immersive viewing experience, even in daylight. The OLED-optimised, low-reflection coating overcomes the trade-off between gloss and reflection thanks to a new, specialised hard-coating layer and surface coating pattern.


Both monitors feature a super slim metal design that gives them a distinct identity, while Core Lighting+ enhances entertainment and gaming experiences with ambient lighting that synchronises with the screen. The ergonomic stand also makes long sessions more comfortable with adjustable height, plus tilt and swivel support.


The new Odyssey OLED monitors are the next entry to expand Samsung’s OLED monitor market leadership. Their release comes after Samsung achieved the top position in global sales in the OLED monitor market within only one year of launching its first OLED model.[6] This achievement underscores Samsung’s rapid ascent in the competitive landscape of OLED monitors while reinforcing its commitment to diversifying its gaming monitor lineup with models that leverage the company’s proprietary OLED technology.


Smart Monitor M8: AI Processing for Crystal Clear Video and Audio


The updated Smart Monitor lineup brings together a complete multi-device experience into one hub for smarter entertainment and greater productivity. The upgraded 2024 models include the M8 (M80D model), M7 (M70D model), and the M5 (M50D model).


The upgraded 32” 4K UHD Smart Monitor M8 introduces new features powered by AI with the NQM AI processor, taking entertainment experiences to the next level. AI upscaling brings lower resolution content up to nearly 4K[7], and Active Voice Amplifier Pro uses AI to analyse background noise in the user’s environment to optimise dialogue in the user’s content.[8] 360 Audio Mode[9] is available on the M8, which pairs with Galaxy Buds to create an immersive sound environment. The built-in SlimFit Camera also makes it easy to conduct video calls through mobile applications with Samsung Dex.[10]

New to the entire line of Smart Monitors is a Workout Tracker,[11] which pairs with a Galaxy Watch to enable real-time health data on the screen, even while streaming content. This makes it easier to track workout goals and can make working out more enjoyable.


These new features enhance the already impressive Smart Monitor functionality. Smart TV apps and Samsung TV Plus[12] provide instant access to a wide range of streaming services and live content, without needing to boot up a PC or connect to other devices.[13]

The M7 is available in 32” and 43” with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, a brightness of 300 nits (Typ.) and a gray to gray (GtG) response time of 4ms. The M5 is available in 27” and 32”, with FHD resolution (1920 x 1080), a brightness of 250 nits (Typ.) and a GtG response time of 4ms.


ViewFinity Series: Maximising Creativity and Ease of Use


Optimised for creatives and professionals, and built with responsible practices, the latest ViewFinity lineup includes the ViewFinity S8 (S80UD and S80D models), ViewFinity S7 (S70D model) and the ViewFinity S6 (S60UD and S60D models).


The updated 2024 ViewFinity monitors[14] help recycling efforts by being made with a minimum of 10% recycled plastic and not applying chemical sprays to the plastic components.[15] The packaging also uses glue instead of staples for easier disassembly.


The Easy Setup Stand is put together with one quick click, requiring no tools or screws, making it fast and easy to set up and enjoy the ViewFinity’s vibrant display. Every 2024 ViewFinity monitor supports HDR10 and the display of 1 billion colours, ensuring accurate colour representation, while also integrating TÜV-Rheinland-certified Intelligent Eye Care features to alleviate eye strain during prolonged work periods.


The ViewFinity S8 offers 27” and 32” screen options, each with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, a refresh rate of 60Hz and a brightness of 350 nits (Typ.). They also feature a USB hub for easy connectivity and a height-adjustable stand. The S80UD model includes a new KVM switch for easy connection and switching between two different input devices, as well as a USB-C port that allows users to charge devices with up to 90W of power.


The ViewFinity S7 is available in 27” and 32” options, each with UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, a brightness of 350 nits (Typ.) and a refresh rate of 60Hz. The ViewFinity S6 is available in 24”, 27” and 32” options, each with QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, a refresh rate of 100Hz and a brightness of 350 nits (Typ.), including a USB hub and height-adjustable stand. The S60UD model also includes a built-in KVM switch and a USB-C port (up to 90W charging).


For more information on Samsung’s 2024 monitor lineups, please visit




Odyssey OLED Series
  Model G80SD G60SD



Screen Size 32”/ 16:9 / Flat 27” / 16:9 / Flat
Panel Type OLED OLED
Brightness (Typ.) 250 cd/m2 250 cd/m2
Refresh Rate 240Hz 360Hz
Resolution 3840 x 2160 2560 x 1440
Glare Type OLED Glare Free OLED Glare Free
Response Time GtG 0.03ms GtG 0.03ms
Interface Interface 2 HDMI (2.1), 1 DP (1.4),

3 USB 3.0 (1 Up, 2 Down)

2 HDMI (2.1), 1 DP (1.4),

3 USB 3.0 (1 Up, 2 Down)




Smart Yes
Built-in Speaker Yes
Sync Tech AMD FreeSync Premium Pro AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
Burn-in Protection Yes (Samsung OLED Safeguard+) Yes (Samsung OLED Safeguard+)
Design Stand Type HAS/Tilt/Swivel/Pivot/VESA HAS/Tilt/Swivel/Pivot/VESA




Smart Monitor Series
  Model M80D M70D M50D
  Screen Size 32” 43”, 32” 32”, 27”
  Panel Type VA, Flat VA, Flat VA, Flat
Brightness (Typ.) 400 cd/m2 300 cd/m2 250 cd/m2
Display Refresh Rate 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz
Contrast Ratio 3,000:1 (Typ.) 32”: 3,000:1 (Typ.)

43”: 5,000:1(Typ.)

3,000:1 (Typ.)
  Resolution 3840 x 2160 3840 x 2160 1920 x 1080
  Response Time 4ms (GtG) 4ms (GtG) 4ms (GtG)
  HDR Yes (HDR 10+) Yes (HDR 10) Yes (HDR 10)

AI Technology

4K Upscaling Yes
Active Voice Amplifier Pro Yes
Smart VOD (Netflix, YouTube, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Gaming Hub Yes Yes Yes
IoT Hub Yes (Built-in) Yes (Dongle Support) Yes (Dongle Support)
Voice Assistant Yes (Far Field Voice) Yes (Far Field Voice)
Workspace Yes Yes Yes
Multi View 2 screens (Full Screen) 2 Screens 2 Screens
MDE feature Multi Control Yes Yes Yes
360 Audio Mode Yes
Workout Tracker Yes Yes Yes


Mouse & Keyboard control (with ESB) Yes Yes
Interface 1 HDMI (2.0), 2 USB-A, 1 USB-C (65W) 2 HDMI (2.0), 3 USB-A, 1 USB-C (65W) 2 HDMI (1.4), 2 USB-A
Camera In-Box (Slim Fit Camera) Compatible Compatible
Speaker 5W x 2 43”: 10W x 2

32”: 5W x 2

5W x 2
Eye Care Adaptive Picture Yes Yes Yes
Eye Saver Mode / Flicker Free -Yes Yes Yes
Design Iconic Slim Design Yes
Colour Warm White Black/White Black/White
Stand HAS, Pivot, Tilt Simple Simple




ViewFinity Series
  Model S80UD S80D S70D S60UD S60D
  Screen Size 27”/32” 27”/32” 27”/32” 24”/27”/32” 24”/27”/32”
  Panel Type IPS (27”) / VA (32”) IPS (27”) / VA (32”) IPS (27”) / VA (32”) IPS IPS
Brightness (Typ.) 350 nits 350 nits 350 nits 350 nits 350 nits
Display Refresh Rate 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 100Hz 100Hz
Resolution 3840 x 2160 3840 x 2160 3840 x 2160 2560 x 1440 2560 x 1440
  Colour Gamut sRGB 99% sRGB 99% sRGB 99% sRGB 99% sRGB 99%
Interface Interface 1 USB-C (90W)

1 HDMI (2.0)

1 DP (1.2)

USB Hub (Up/3Dn)

1 HDMI (2.0)        1 DP (1.2)

USB Hub (1Up/3Dn)

1 HDMI (2.0)        1 DP (1.2) 1 USB-C (90W)

1 HDMI (2.0)

1 DP (1.4)

1 DP out (1.4)

USB Hub (1Up/3Dn)

1 HDMI (2.0)

1 DP (1.4)

HDMI, DP, USB Hub (1Up/3Dn)





LAN Yes Yes
Daisy Chain Yes
KVM Switch Yes Yes
Intelligent Eye Care Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Stand Type HAS

Easy Setup Stand


Easy Setup Stand


Easy Setup Stand


Easy Setup Stand


Easy Setup Stand

VESA 100 x 100 100 x 100 100 x 100 100 x 100 100 x 100



[1] AI features available in G80SD, M80D only.

[2] Gaming Hub is available in limited countries, with app availability differing by country.

[3] AI upscaling works only when using the built-in Smart TV apps and Samsung Gaming Hub (PQ priority mode).

[4] Logo detection is active in AV mode only.

[5] UL’s verification validates the ‘OLED Glare Free’ claim by assessing the products against Unified Glare Rating (UGR) testing standard set by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and testing standard set by the International Organization for Standardization.

[6] IDC Q4 2023 Worldwide Quarterly Gaming Tracker

[7] AI upscaling works only when using the built-in Smart TV apps and Samsung Gaming Hub (PQ priority mode).

[8] Active Voice Amplifier Pro is only available in the built-in Smart TV apps.

[9] 360 Audio and head tracking support may vary depending on the application and content. Supported devices include the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro / 2 / Pro / Live and can be updated without notice.

[10]  SlimFit Camera compatibility with Samsung DeX requires a USB-C connection to a Galaxy S23 or later, Fold 5, or Tab S9 with One UI 6.1.1 or above.

[11] Supported devices include Galaxy Watch 4 or later with Galaxy Mobile (One UI 4.1.1 and above) with latest software version. Devices must be logged into the same Samsung account. Place your watch and mobile device near your screen to use Workout Tracker.

[12] Samsung account required for Samsung TV Plus. Supported Samsung devices and channels may vary by region and are subject to change without prior notice. Additional settings may be required to use these functions. Ads may appear on Samsung TV Plus.

[13] Internet access is required.

[14] S60UD, S60D, S70D, S80UD, S80D only.

[15] The percentage of recycled material, which may vary by component, is calculated based on the total weight of the plastic used on the product (weight of recycled materials/total weight of plastic).

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