Samsung Launches New Laundry Lineup and Refrigerator, Built for Customised Eco-Friendly Lifestyles

August 26, 2020
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• New laundry lineup with customisable cycles, making washing more efficient

• New Classic Fridge Freezer offers flexible space, maximising freshness for all storage needs

• New appliances come with high energy efficiency for sustainable use

London, UK  Aug. 26, 2020 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced the global launch of new Home Appliances, including a full smart laundry lineup and an innovative Fridge Freezer.


Headlining the new laundry lineup is the WW9800T washing machine equipped with features to customise the laundry process to achieve the same powerful wash with less time, energy and effort, as well as Samsung’s ecobubble™ and QuickDrive™ technology. The new range will first launch in the European market and will expand globally later this year.


The new RB7300 refrigerator delivers core cooling performance while offering large, flexible capacity to meet all types of food storage needs. The RB7300 will first launch in Europe in August this year.


“We strive to develop Home Appliances that can boost lifestyle values while maximising performance, keeping in mind the desires and needs of our consumers,” said Hyesoon Yang, Vice President of Samsung Electronics. “Our new product ranges offer solutions that help consumers lead customised eco-friendly lifestyles and we will continue to direct our efforts toward creating products that enrich daily lives.”


Save Energy, Time, and Effort with a Customized Laundry Process


The new WW9800T washing machine brings together Samsung’s most powerful technologies that cut down on wash times and energy consumption while providing users with a personalised laundry experience.


Samsung’s revolutionary QuickDrive™ technology allows the WW9800T to cut washing time to 39 minutes for a full clean*. The independently moving drum and backplate in the WW9800T allows for more dynamic actions, cleaning garments more thoroughly in less time. Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor adds to energy efficiency by utilising strong magnets for a quiet and strong performance.


The new washing machines also come with Samsung’s ecobubble™ technology that maximises the effect of detergent by turning it into soft bubbles – allowing for faster penetration into fabrics, even in cold water. Colder washes save heating energy, while also protecting the fabrics and colours of garments.


Adding to Samsung’s reliable performance is Smart Control +, which learns users’ behavioral patterns to recommend cycles and offer a personalised laundry experience. With this technology, the new Samsung washing machines familiarise themselves with user preferences to suggest wash cycles on its display. Paired with a simple user interface, Smart Control + eliminates the need for users to scroll through cycles to find the right one, or to input their individualised settings each time. The Auto Optimal Wash feature uses sensors to detect the laundry load’s weight and soilage, to determine the optimal amount of water and detergent to dispense. Machines with Smart Control + are also compatible with SmartThings. When the washing’s done, customers will get a notification on their phone with the SmartThings app*. Customers can then use the app* to schedule washes remotely from their phone and get guides to find the perfect wash setting.


The user convenience extends to the drying process with Auto Cycle Link**, which pairs compatible washing machines and dryers directly to automatically set the best dryer cycle for each load.


Maximised Storage Space with Freshness that Lasts


Thanks to Samsung’s SpaceMax™ Technology, the new RB7300 maximises fridge space without needing wider exterior dimensions that may clash with modern kitchen cabinets. SpaceMax™ allows the interior walls of the fridge to be much thinner due to its high-efficiency insulation that provides a greater internal capacity of 386L – 18 liters larger than the previous model. The new refrigerator therefore matches the standard 600mm cabinet-depth design while offering more space. This feature is especially welcome now, as grocery-shopping habits are changing; people are reducing trips to the shop to purchase large quantities of groceries at a time, shopping online more. All these trends lead to the need for greater efficiency when it comes to storage space in refrigerators.


The new Samsung refrigerator is also designed to preserve the freshness of food items twice as long.**** to either split the drawer into two zones with different temperatures or use it as one. The left side is cooler, so it’s optimised for meat and fish storage, while the right side is great for fruit and vegetables.


The new model ensures that all stored food is properly cooled no matter where it’s placed within the refrigerator. Equipped with the most popular Samsung refrigeration technology features, the new fridge is decked out with All Around Cooling for maximum freshness.


The Classic Fridge Freezer also boasts a contemporary look that introduces an added level of sophistication to any modern kitchen interior. The stainless-steel finish and sleek flat front are representative of Samsung appliances’ simple yet refined design. With a Clean Metal Back that comprises of a smooth metal safety cover for vital coils and cables behind the unit, the Fridge Freezer offers a minimalist approach look and feel.


The compressor for the latest Fridge Freezer automatically adjusts its speed based on cooling demand across seven levels. The advanced compressor thus requires less energy, minimises noise, and even reduces wear and tear for a durable, long-lasting performance from the refrigerator.


The RB7300 refrigerator and new laundry lineup will be featured at Samsung’s ‘Life Unstoppable’ virtual event on Sep. 2.



*Tested on WW8000T Using Super Speed Cycle with 5kg load

**Auto Cycle Link is only available when both the washing machine and tumbles dryer have AI Control and are Wi-Fi connected.

***Available on Android and iOS. An internet connection is required.

****Based on internal testing. Applies when set as MAX mode. Results may vary depending on the level of food freshness, usage conditions and various other factors.

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