Samsung Showcases the New Dual Cook Flex at EuroCucina 2018

April 18, 2018
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State-of-the-art oven with Flexible Door provides users with unprecedented cooking flexibility and efficient oven access

Dual Cook system allows users to prepare various types of dishes simultaneously without compromising cooking performance

Wi-Fi capabilities and compatible smartphone app offer new experiences for families, with remote oven monitoring and control


MILAN, Italy – 18 April, 2018 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today took the wraps off its innovative Dual Cook Flex oven at EuroCucina in Milan. The Dual Cook Flex features the ability to separate the main oven into two with individual oven controls, as well as a single Flexible Door that provides home chefs with outstanding flexibility and precision cooking control.


Samsung first launched the Dual Cook Oven in 2006, and the Dual Cook Flex marks a significant evolution that embodies Samsung’s continuous effort to provide innovations with real benefits. Dual Cook technology splits the large, 75-litre single oven into two separate cooking compartments with a removable partition, letting consumers cook one dish or multiple dishes simultaneously at different cooking modes, temperatures, and time settings. The new Flexible Door is hinged so users can open the top oven section without opening the bottom. This helps the user maintain precise temperatures, making it easy for consumers to check, turn, baste and season their food in the upper section without losing heat in the lower chamber.


“Dual Cook Flex is optimised to provide consumers with an unprecedented amount of cooking flexibility and control over their cooking, taking convenience to a whole new level of real benefits with a range of practical features that save both time and energy while also enhancing food preparation,” said Janice Kim, Samsung Electronics’ Vice President of Home Appliances, Global Built-in/Cooking. “And with its smart capabilities, families can enjoy the convenience of remotely monitoring and controlling their Dual Cook Flex on their smartphones.


Samsung’s internal research and deep consumer knowledge showed consumers are increasingly seeking innovative solutions to make it easier to cook more than one dish at a time, and there are many potential ways that Dual Cook Flex can change how consumers prepare meals.


For example, users can cook the main dish in the upper compartment while baking a dessert for the kids in the lower chamber. It even prevents odours from mixing between the two compartments. It’s also perfect for busy consumers who want to be able to cook smaller meals during the middle of the week, giving them faster pre-heat times in the smaller top oven. And, using only one of the two cooking compartments will use less energy compared to using the whole oven.1


The Dual Cook Flex also reflects millennial-minded consumer demand for smart home appliances that are IoT-ready. With Wi-Fi connectivity, consumers can monitor and control the oven anytime, anywhere using a compatible smartphone app. They can preheat the oven on their way home or turn it off while on the go. They can also check and adjust the cooking temperature or time settings as they please. The Auto Cook feature even provides 40 pre-programmed cooking settings for simple meal preparation.


Additional smart features include:


  • Cooking Guide: suggests optimal cooking modes based on the ingredient and type of food.


  • My Recipe: records user cooking history and cooking notes. Users can even take pictures while cooking and save them for future reference.


  • Scrapbook: makes it easy to save recipes from around the web.


  • HomeCare Wizard helps users maintain their oven in the optimal condition with alerts of potential issues, quick troubleshooting and accurate diagnostics.


Dual Cook Flex also boasts powerful self-cleaning capabilities. The pyrolytic self-cleaning system heats the oven to burn off any grease and residue from cooking, so users don’t have to spend additional time and effort scrubbing it clean.


Consumers and media can experience new Dual Cook Flex in the Samsung Booth at EuroCucina and its collateral FTK (Technology for the Kitchen) event in Milan from 17th to 22nd April.

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