Samsung’s Neo QLED Combines Cutting-Edge Innovations With a Commitment to Sustainability

on July 9, 2021
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Today, protecting the environment and fighting climate change require technology manufacturers to take a more thoughtful approach to innovation.


Samsung Electronics strives to incorporate environmental sustainability into everything it does. The company’s products are thoughtfully designed to minimise their impact on the environment throughout their lifecycle – from the planning and manufacturing stages to their use and recycling.


This includes using power-efficient semiconductor chips, sustainable packaging and energy-saving technology, and offering consumers the ability to upcycle packaging and old devices. Through tangible solutions like these, the company is empowering consumers to take part in an important mission: conserving resources and reducing their environmental footprint.


These efforts are reflected in the company’s TV lineup, including its 75-inch Neo QLED TV (QN90A). Check out the infographic below to examine how Samsung took a ‘full circle’ approach to sustainability with one of its latest displays.


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