Staying Ahead of The Curve – Samsung Announces the New T55 Curved Monitor

on June 12, 2020
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The new T55 monitor from Samsung features an optimum curve of 1000R for enhanced eye comfort and ultimate viewing experience

Featuring an array of features and settings, from Free Sync to Flicker Free, the Samsung T55 offers total immersion and unrivalled game play

London, UK –  12 June, 2020 Samsung Electronics UK. today announces the launch of its new monitor the T55, available in 24, 27 and 32 inches. Featuring innovative technology, minimalistic design and a wealth of features, including a 1000R curved screen and AMD FreeSync technology, this monitor is easy on the eye, both aesthetically and in terms of physical comfort.



Damon Crowhurst, Head of Display, Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd explains, “At Samsung we are constantly striving to improve user experience by harnessing new innovations. Our aim is to develop products that offer maximum enjoyment, whilst maintaining the highest level of quality.


“This is why Samsung has developed the T55, a curved monitor which features a 1000R screen, the boldest curve ever accomplished for maximum comfort and immersion.”


Ahead of the curve

The 1000R curved screen featured on the new Samsung T55 monitor is the result of years of relentless innovation and pioneering technology. It provides optimum curvature, filling the human field of view and resulting in less eye strain, helping to limit eye fatigue. As a result, working or gaming on this monitor is far more comfortable, so users can continue computing for longer, enhancing performance and overall enjoyment.



Taking comfort even further

The T55’s advanced eye comfort technology takes user experience one step further, reducing eye strain and offering more comfortable, extended computing. Firstly, Flicker Free technology continuously removes tiring and irritating screen flicker. This protects eyes from the constant strain that they would experience from conventional monitors. Eye Saver Mode then minimises emitted blue light, helping eyes to stay fresh.


Minimalistic design

With a virtually borderless display, the Samsung T55’s striking aesthetic is enhanced by a fabric-textured back and premium-quality slim metal stand. The 3-sided borderless display stretches from edge to edge for maximum viewing while the 7.9mm Super Slim Design takes up minimal space and offers a sleek and modern look. The result is a monitor that won’t just catch eyes, but will complement any interior too.



Total immersion

In addition to the renowned 1000R curve, the Samsung T55 also includes a number of game related features to offer unrivalled immersion. AMD FreeSync delivers seamless gaming, while 75Hz makes scenes smooth and minimises any stuttering or lag. Flawless imagery further comes together with Game Mode, which provides optimal colour, contrast & shades setting for game play. Not only does this help with easy recognition of in-game enemies in dark places but it enhances the overall visual experience – enabling users to truly feel part of the action. This is enhanced by the built in 5 watt stereo speakers on the 27 and 32 inch models, which offer heightened entertainment experiences when viewing videos and playing games.



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