RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ– June 16, 2017 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (SEA), announced today that it will offer select Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners in the U.S. early access to Bixby’s upcoming voice-control capabilities, allowing them to engage Samsung’s intelligent interface and get more done on their smartphone using just their voice. Galaxy S8 or S8+ owners can sign up today to participate in the early preview test, which will launch in the near future.

“We see Bixby as an intelligent interface for your phone — an integral part of our connected ecosystem,” said Injong Rhee, CTO and Head of R&D, Software and Services, Samsung Mobile. “From phones, to televisions, to refrigerators, we think that Bixby will provide users with a simpler, more intuitive way to control their favorite devices, and live a more connected life.”

Launched this past Spring with Samsung’s latest S8 and S8+ smartphones, Bixby is an intelligent, personalized interface for using your smartphone. The upcoming Bixby update will give you a new way to interact with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, enabling you to navigate through your phone’s apps, services and settings with a mix of voice commands and touch.

Unlike other voice-assisted services on the market, Bixby is designed to assist you in completing complex tasks across many apps, to tell you more about what you’re looking at and where you are, to learn your routine and remember what you need to do. For example, with one command you can tell Bixby to gather all the photos you took last week into a new album labeled “Vacation,” and then share those photos with your friends. You can ask Bixby to take a selfie and text it to someone, or ask Bixby to send your friends your location, and then later remind you where you parked. Bixby can handle complex tasks however you describe them.

Samsung plans to continuously update Bixby, including support for additional languages, features, third-party apps and devices.

To sign up for an advanced look at Bixby Voice, S8 and S8+ owners can visit https://sso-us.samsung.com/sso/profile/bixbyepa.

For more information, please visit Samsung.com.

About Bixby
Bixby is an intelligent interface that that creates a simpler, easier way to interact with your device and helps you get more done.

  • Bixby hears you. Bixby is designed to assist you in completing tasks no matter how you describe them and to learn about you and your routine. Say what you like, and Bixby will work with you to find the answer or get it done. Using deep learning, Bixby will also improve over time to recognize the different preferences and ways of speaking of a user.
  • Bixby helps you. Bixby is fully integrated into native apps and will be integrated into third-party apps, and makes it easier to find and use their best features. And with Bixby, you can navigate your phone how you like—with voice, touch, or by switching seamlessly between the two.
  • Bixby handles it for you. Bixby completes multi-app, complex requests—like grouping pictures from your latest vacation, and sending them to your friends. And if Bixby doesn’t understand a step, it will complete as much of the task as possible, rather than not even starting.