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Working Together to Keep Our Team Members and Neighbors Safe in South Carolina


By Daniel Grove, Senior Manager, Human Resources and General Affairs, Samsung Electronics Home Appliances

Samsung takes our role in the community very seriously. We have an obligation to our employees, their families and our neighbors in South Carolina to ensure our facilities and offices are not just safe but healthy places to work, and to avoid putting anyone at unnecessary risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The last few months we have worked to review and amplify our health and safety protocols and procedures at our Newberry manufacturing facility to keep our employees healthy while on site. Social distancing measures are in place on the production line and in shared spaces; digital temperature checks and face coverings/PPE are mandatory; shift staggering is in effect, and an intensive deep cleaning regimen has all been implemented plant-wide to keep employees healthy and minimize the risk of community spread.

Being a good neighbor means looking out for one another and doing what’s best for the community. Our frontline manufacturing workers in South Carolina have gone above and beyond to ensure our new policies have been implemented and strictly followed, and have shown enormous strength, resilience and flexibility in their commitment to keeping our Newberry family healthy.

These policies and procedures would be ineffective without the full buy-in from our entire SEHA team. I’m honored to work with a group with such a strong commitment to each other and our community.

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