03.06.20 / Life@Samsung

A Round of ‘Applause’ for Samsung Employees

Hard work in the name of innovation happens every day at Samsung Electronics America, and taking the extra time to show colleagues how much their dedication to getting the job done is appreciated goes a long way.

In celebration of National Employee Appreciation Day, a few Samsung employees sat down to reflect on praise they either received from or gave to fellow employees through “Applause,” the company’s online peer recognition platform which is used to award points or share social recognition for a job well done.

Throughout the employees’ testimonials, one idea was always top of mind — how important it is to company culture to make recognition of exceptional performance a consistent practice. Because whether you are the CEO or an entry-level employee, everyone appreciates a simple pat on the back.

Watch some of the company’s other employee appreciation stories below.

Heather Dorrian and Scott Cohen, two employees who facilitate and create product training content for Samsung home entertainment retail partners, share why recognition of their colleagues’ work is a critical contributor to teamwork and making Samsung a great place to work.

Asad Shaikh and Cyrus Huang, who work on Samsung’s Smart TV product marketing strategy, discuss how far positive recognition of great work goes a long way for building strong and trusted teams at work.

Ashish Vadehra and Anna Kim are two colleagues that work in different departments at Samsung but both believe recognizing great work and helping out coworkers is an important factor that contributes to a culture of collaboration at Samsung.

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