LAS VEGAS – Jan. 5, 201 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global home appliance innovator, today announced new additions to its home appliance laundry and floor care lineup. Designed to elevate the everyday home experience for consumers, the products conveniently and easily tackle household messes. Featuring outstanding performance, smart design and sleek functionality, Samsung will display its latest innovations – including a new one-stop laundry solution and the brand’s evolutionary robot vacuum – at the 2015 International CES from Jan. 6-9, 2015.

“With today’s multi-tasking families busier than ever, we consistently hear from consumers that they need easy and convenient ways to tackle everyday messes – like prewashing fabrics, treating stains and picking up household dirt. They are looking for home appliances with clever solutions that help them take care of their home efficiently so they have time to pursue the things they really want to do,” said John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics America. “Our lineup of innovative and stylish laundry and vacuum products deliver on this consumer need. Samsung appliances are the ideal combination of simplicity, performance, technology and innovation.

A Groundbreaking Laundry Innovation

Research shows that when it comes to laundry, the most tedious task is pre-treatment and pre-wash. Most homes don’t have a sink in their laundry rooms, requiring consumers to pretreat/pre-wash elsewhere and bring the items to the machine. The latest top load washer from Samsung solves this with a simple yet revolutionary feature – activewash™. The top of the activewash™ washing machine includes a built-in sink with water jet and gentle scrubbing surface. This convenient sink provides a separate space to pre-treat tough stains, like heavily soiled sports uniforms, or handwash items like delicate sweaters. Once finished, the laundry and water can easily be poured into the machine. This all-in-one solution allows consumers to handle the entire wash process in the laundry unit instead of having to spread it out over multiple locations, avoiding mess and saving a considerable amount of effort.

The activewash™ laundry machine also accelerates the wash process with its SuperSpeed technology. With it, consumers can wash a normal load of laundry in as little as 36 minutes**. Activewash™ is the first Samsung top loader to feature this time-saving technology.

Starting in Spring 2015, activewash™ will be available in white (5.2 cu. ft. and 4.8 cu. ft.) and platinum (5.2 cu. ft.) and features a rear panel with a dual-cluster design and easy-to-access control buttons, which are fully protected from water splashes.

A New Era in Robot Vacuums

For years, robot vacuums have promised to transform cleaning, but the reality has not lived up to the potential as traditional robot vacuums do not perform as well on carpets as they do on hard floors. That’s about to change with the new Samsung POWERbot VR9000. This powerful robot vacuum features an array of advanced technologies and features to do the heavy lifting for today’s busy households, from hardwood to carpet.

Its cleaning prowess is unprecedented in a robot vacuum. The Digital Inverter Motor features a level of suction up to 60 times more powerful*** than conventional robot vacuums for removal of dirt and other debris on carpets like no robot before it.  Hard wood and laminate surfaces are a breeze for the VR9000, and an extra-wide rectangular brush bar four inches wider than conventional robot vacuums eliminates the need for side brushes while covering more ground in a single pass.  CycloneForce technology creates a centrifugal force that routes particles into a separate inner chamber, minimizing clogging in order to maintain its powerful suction.

The POWERbot VR9000 also features unique innovation that provides maximum maneuverability. Unlike many other robots, the Height Performance FullView Sensor™ detects even small obstacles across a wide area with minimal blind spots. With high performance chips, sensors and an onboard digital camera, the Visionary Mapping™ Plus System creates a complete map of the home to calculate the most efficient cleaning path, avoiding road blocks like a set of steps or a child’s toy.  Easy Pass™ Wheels allow the vacuum to move around the home with ease and control. Point Cleaning Technology allows you to direct the vacuum with a simple click of a remote control.

Once cleaning is complete, or the battery is low, the POWERbot VR9000 will guide itself back to the docking station for recharging.

The Samsung POWERbot VR9000 Airborne Copper color blends twinkling gold and chic black, and will be available in Spring 2015.

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* According to Traqline 2012.
** Normal one-hour wash compared to WF511 washer without SuperSpeed.
*** Tested on motors of the Samsung VR9000 and Samsung conventional VR10F71UCAC. Based on internal test.
**** All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.