VX Back to Business

At this month’s Samsung’s Virtual Experience (V/X): Back to Business, attendees convened virtually to gain insights and experience first-hand from Samsung and industry experts about how Samsung customers are preparing to get back to business and reimagine their businesses for the future. The sessions addressed hot topics such as:

  • How can businesses across industries prepare to ensure employees and customers feel comfortable navigating the new realities?
  • Where will consumers spend their time and money with the re-opening?
  • What role will display technology play in addressing new customer requirements?

According to Samsung’s Consumer, Shopper & Market Insights (CSMI), hygiene factors continue to dominate consumers needs when they visit external establishments; 59% of consumers expect six feet social distancing to be enforced and for employees to wear face masks. As such, businesses must ensure safety measures are taken seriously in stores and other venues.

Mark Quiroz, VP of Marketing, Display Division emphasized that businesses will need solutions to provide confidence for employees and customers that’s anchored in safety, infection prevention and control: “There’s a clear shift on how to better serve customers and flexibility is of paramount importance as you need to adapt in real time. We’ve developed specific display solutions with our partners that address the safety, social distancing and hygiene needs of customers, such as temperature screening kiosks and automatic hand sanitizing dispensers. And with our Pro TV, businesses can update messaging quickly as regulations change.”

Focused on three solution categories of Access & Safety, Productivity & Collaboration and Information & Communication, Samsung showcased its collaboration with partners in building new display innovations to equip business owners with the tools to operate successfully and efficiently.

Among the display solution highlights:

  • Access and Safety: To give businesses better visibility and control of the environments in which they operate, Samsung has designed new solutions to monitor the health and safety of employees and customers. Samsung’s Temperature Screening Kiosk developed with partner, Palmer Digital Group, seamlessly screens and track temperatures before entering an establishment. Paired with Samsung 32-inch displays, the kiosks provides users with information and safety protocols. Furthermore, Samsung’s people counting and traffic flow solutions provide a cost-effective and automated way to enforce social distancing at venues and retailers, including grocery stores. Samsung has also partnered to develop touchless temperature sensing solutions for public spaces comprised of digital signage, thermal sensing and radio sensing to increase customer and employee confidence in returning to public spaces.
  • Productivity & Collaboration: The pandemic has forced new workforce behaviors for staying productive and Samsung has developed professional display and monitor bundles to help customers equip their home office so they can stay engaged and do their best work. The company has also collaborated with businesses deploying a hybrid return to work approach, ensuring that individuals that return to the office can seamlessly stay connected with those working from home. For example, Samsung and Cisco recently partnered to design Webex on Flip to offer executives and employees the ability to work as a team across both office and remote work environments.
  • Information & Communication: Display signage is key to getting businesses open and running efficiently. Samsung’s Pro TV and Pro TV Terrace Edition allow for simple, easy to use content development and deployment to inform customers and employees of new requirements and policies. Furthermore, businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, now have the power of a comprehensive content, device and data management solution with MagicINFO 8.0. The all-in-one platform allows users to intuitively create, schedule and distribute content across a fleet of display networks. MagicINFO users can also collect and analyze performance data for better promotional and informational content.

For more information on Samsung’s Back to Business solutions and offerings, please visit the back to business page on the Samsung website.