The Galaxy Note10 takes creativity and productivity to the next level, with a pro-grade camera, Samsung’s best display yet, and the S Pen that now converts handwritten notes to text. And now, it’s easier for you to do even more, and have even more fun, with the enhanced Bixby Vision.

At a time when mediums like augmented reality are becoming more popular and accessible, Samsung continues to evolve and expand the capabilities of Bixby Vision to make it easier for you to do more, every day. In recent years, we made it possible to try on cosmetics before you buy them, count the calories on the plate of food in front of you, and search the web for things just by pointing your smartphone camera at them.

With the Galaxy Note10, you can see how a new piece of furniture would look in your space, use your camera to search for a product similar to one right in front of you, translate entire blocks of text, try out a new look, and turn a regular movie poster into an AR movie trailer. To learn more about Bixby Vision’s new features, read on.

Home Decor

Reimagine your space using a new Bixby Vision integration with popular home décor store, Wayfair. Just activate your virtual showroom and select décor or furniture options you want to place in your room. You can even virtually place Samsung appliances in your kitchen or laundry room. From there, you can see how they look in your space—and how they make your space look. When you’re ready, Bixby Vision links you to Wayfair so you can have your final selections shipped straight to your door.

Enhanced Live Translation

If you don’t know the language, everything from getting around to ordering from the menu can be an adventure in the unknown. In Text mode, Bixby Vision can now capture multiple lines of text and translate them in augmented reality—no need to even take a photo. With real-time translation in 54 input languages and 104 output languages, you can read signs and menus all over the world.


The summer sun is blazing—making right now the perfect time to upgrade your sunglasses game. Samsung worked with Ray Ban eyewear, so you can virtually try on a new pair of sunglasses. You can try different looks and styles, and even learn more about sizing options and discounts. When you’ve settled on one you love, Bixby Vision connects you to the website to complete your purchase.

Picture Play

Bixby Vision makes movie posters instantly interactive. Just point your camera at the poster, billboard, or other type of ad to get the details you need. You can read up about the cast, see movie reviews rating, and get a plot overview. You can even watch the trailer. Bixby Vision overlays video on the physical poster in front of you—an experience that seems straight out of a summer sci-fi blockbuster, but is now available right on your phone.

These and the other powerful features of Bixby Vision are all just a tap away. Whether you’re out on the town or planning your next summer adventure, make the most of the stunning display and advanced AR technologies of the Galaxy Note10 to see and do things you couldn’t before.