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California Fire Department Employs Samsung Mobile Devices to Meet First Responder Challenges


Samsung Galaxy Tab S4s and S10s help the Corona, CA’s firefighters and paramedics better communicate and report throughout the course of their duty.

Corona Fire Department in California is transforming how it delivers intelligence to its first responders with Samsung mobile devices. Equipped with Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) and ImageTrend software, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4s and S10s help the city’s firefighters and paramedics better understand and communicate with each other throughout emergency situations, as well as streamline reporting. Secured by Samsung Knox security platform, the devices are safely encrypted and HIPAA-compliant.

Located in southern California, the city of Corona’s fire department serves a population of more than 200,000 people, and fields approximately 13,000 emergency calls every year. Given the recent increase in regional wildfires, as well as the need for frequent remote rescues in Corona’s recreational areas, advanced technology is crucial.

Bridging the gap between drones in the air and teams on the ground, the Galaxy devices leverage ATAK to deliver geo-located livestreamed content in topographic maps. First responders have advanced mapping at their disposal while on the go—from drawing a geofence around a hot zone to locating a lost or injured hiker in the mountains using livestreamed drone footage to direct rescuers on the ground.

“The Department of Homeland Security continues to champion the use of ATAK as an all-risk tool for first responders, and we’ve been really impressed with how Galaxy devices elevate the use of ATAK in the field,” said Andreas Johansson, Fire Captain of the Corona Fire Department. “From the long-lasting power, to high quality display, they pack the power of a personal computer and give our teams the seamless work experience we need.”

Samsung-enabled mobile technology helps EMS personnel deliver care to those who need it most.

Samsung devices have also fundamentally changed day-to-day protocols of Corona’s EMS personnel. Having a tablet allows mobile access to online medical databases and clinical encyclopedias, and enables communication via translation for patients who speak different languages than their responding EMS personnel. Data entry capabilities have also been upgraded through the use of cloud-based records management software (RMS), which streamlines EMS reporting and allows these responders to complete all necessary intake forms on the go and save valuable time—instead of waiting to return to the station.

Samsung products are helping different teams of first responders better communicate and collaborate.

“While new connected technologies improve mission-critical intelligence for first responders, they also present new challenges in processing and securing data,” said Taher Behbehani, Head of B2B Mobile Division, Samsung Electronics America. “With our innovative products, trusted mobility platform, and open, collaborative partnership model, Samsung is uniquely designed to meet these challenges and deliver solutions that fit each industry and enterprise we serve.”

Corona Fire Department will be one of the many compelling organizations that Samsung will showcase at its upcoming Samsung Developer Conference, October 29-30. Tune into the livestream at

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