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Making a Difference, One Climate Challenge at a Time

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  • As part of the Climate Superstars Challenge, James Maki’s Earth Science students in Ishpeming, MI researched solutions to eliminate paper towel waste in their school restrooms.
  • The students’ environmental studies were part of an annual contest held by Samsung, NEEF and the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program to help teachers raise young people’s awareness of energy consumption.
  • Middle school teachers across the U.S. can sign up with the National Environmental Education Foundation for this year’s contest to be held Oct. 19-30 and a chance to win technology prizes for the classroom.

James Maki, a seventh-grade teacher from Aspen Ridge Middle School in Ishpeming, Michigan, is passionate about science, STEM education and keeping his students engaged.

Students using Samsung Galaxy Tablets
James Maki instructs students in his Earth Science class on how to use the classroom’s new Samsung Galaxy tablets won as part of their participation in the Climate Superstars Challenge.

“I teach Earth Science to seventh graders, and I am always looking for interesting ways to stress environmental awareness and energy conservation,” said Maki whose students were among the winners last year in the annual Climate Superstars Challenge held by the National Environmental Education, Samsung and the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program.

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A Legacy of Environmental Engagement

Maki was referred to the contest by a colleague from the Clear Lake Educational Center, an outdoor science education campus located in the Hiawatha National Forest of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He coordinates the annual seventh grade class trip to Clear Lake each September, where students spend a few days engaging in STEM-based learning and recreational activities in the great outdoors.

When Maki caught wind of the challenge, he knew it would be a good fit for his science classroom.

“The students were very excited to participate ,” said Maki. “At first, it was the prospect of winning tablets for our classroom that motivated them. However, I’d say that by the time we completed the tasks, the students were truly motivated to make a difference in their environment.”

As part of the Climate Superstars Challenge, for 10 days last Fall, middle school classrooms across America completed daily tasks designed to raise awareness of energy consumption and provide strategies for being more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious. Classrooms that completed at least seven tasks, including taking the ENERGY STAR® Pledge, were automatically entered into a drawing to win five Samsung Galaxy Tablets with ENERGY STAR® Certification.

Students Using Samsung Galaxy Tablets
Students in James Maki’s seventh-grade Earth Science class use their new Samsung Galaxy tablets to help with their class projects.

Maki’s students, in particular, were no strangers to environmentally-focused class projects both inside and outside of the classroom. In 2017, Maki organized a roadside clean-up with his seventh-grade students. Together, they collected more than 300 pounds of trash and debris along a quarter-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 41 in honor of Earth Day.

Climate Challenge a Hit with Students

Maki was able to incorporate the tasks into his existing lesson plans by dedicating a few minutes each day to work on them as a class. He says he felt they were a good use of class time as they didn’t take too long to complete and students seemed to enjoy them, especially the more creative tasks like designing an electric car of the future.

“We got some real interesting designs for the electric cars,” said Maki. “My students love to draw.”

As Maki’s seventh-grade class worked their way through the Climate Superstars Challenge and learned more about energy efficiency, he says he could sense their increasing curiosity and excitement about the topic. They weren’t satisfied with the general scope of the challenge and wanted to apply this newfound knowledge to their everyday lives. With their teacher’s guidance, the seventh-graders began to formulate a plan to address some inefficiencies they had noticed within the school itself.

“They identified paper towel waste in our middle school restrooms, researched solutions to the problem, and presented a proposal to the school board to have energy-efficient hand dryers installed in the restrooms,” said Maki.

Students’ Dedication Pays Off

At the conclusion of the 2019 Climate Superstars Challenge, Maki’s seventh-grade earth science students and 19 other classrooms across the country were selected to receive free tablets from Samsung for completing all of the climate challenges successfully.

James Maki’s Seventh-grade Climate Change Superstars
James Maki’s seventh-grade Earth Science students were excited to win brand-new Samsung Galaxy tablets as part of the Climate Superstars Challenge.

While the prize was certainly a welcome reward for his students’ hard work, Maki appreciated the opportunity to provide them with valuable environmental education in a unique, engaging way.

“I would certainly encourage educators to sign up for Climate Superstars,” said Maki. “My students gained a deep understanding of energy and resource conservation. They even went so far as to act on this new appreciation for the environment by seeking to conserve resources at their school. I couldn’t be more proud of them!”

Middle school teachers can sign up here to participate in this year’s Climate Superstars Challenge to be held this October. 

This article first appeared on Neefusa.org in December 2019

  • James Maki – STEM – Education – Galaxy Tab
    James Maki – STEM – Education – Galaxy Tab
  • James Maki – STEM – Education – Galaxy Tab
    James Maki – STEM – Education – Galaxy Tab
  • James Maki – STEM – Education – Galaxy Tab
    James Maki – STEM – Education – Galaxy Tab
  • James Maki – STEM – Education – Galaxy Tab
  • James Maki – STEM – Education – Galaxy Tab
  • James Maki – STEM – Education – Galaxy Tab
  • Two of James Maki’s seventh-grade Earth Science students get acquainted with their classroom’s new Samsung Galaxy tablets.
  • Students use their new Samsung Galaxy tablet to learn more about the geography of their hometown in Ishpeming, MI.
  • A student uses her classroom’s new Samsung Galaxy tablet to watch an instructional video related to her class project.
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