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[Interview] How New ARTIK Ecosystem Will Benefit Tizen Developers

The Tizen Developers Conference 2017, was held in San Francisco, CA on May 16-17.  With over 30 partners in attendance, attendees were able to experience firsthand the Tizen 4.0 platform, including the newly introduced ARTIK™053 module.

During TDC, we connected with Curtis Sasaki, VP of Ecosystems for Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, to learn more about the company’s new ARTIK announcement and its vision for IoT ecosystem.

Tell us what you’re announcing at the Tizen Developer Conference.

Curtis: We are excited to introduce the new ARTIK 053 module. We are also announcing new Cloud capabilities, including easy onboarding, so that you can pair our modules to our Cloud very securely in a matter of seconds. Additionally, we’re launching new device management capabilities that manage the health of all the devices that are connected to it via the Cloud.

Can you tell us more about ARTIK053?

Curtis: ARTIK 053 module has an ARM R4 processor, 1.4 MB of RAM memory, flash memory for storage, and built-in Wi-Fi, all in a very small module. This same module is not only used for production products, but in all senior development. So, the same brains that we may use as a developer, creating and inventing a new product, can be used in the final product – which saves a lot of time.

Curtis Sasaki, Vice President of Ecosystems, Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center, announces ARTIK 053 at the Tizen Developers Conference 2017.
Curtis Sasaki, Vice President of Ecosystems for Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center, announces ARTIK 053 at the Tizen Developers Conference 2017.

How does Tizen integrate with ARTIK and what is Samsung’s view on open source and open innovation?

Curtis: We think that Tizen brings to the ARTIK platform another open operating system for developers to leverage. Plus, we are big supporter of IoTivity, which is a protocol that’s really optimal for IoT devices. Having that integrated between our Cloud and the modules themselves will make it much easier for Tizen developers to create devices, services, and new businesses using the platform.

Leveraging the community of developers through open source is a powerful thing to do and we use open source operating systems. We’ve also recently joined the Eclipse Foundation, a leading open source organization, but actually give back to the community as well.

Can you share insights into trends that you’re witnessing within the tech industry from an ecosystem perspective?

Curtis: Today, the hard challenge is that not only should devices work together in a cohesive manner, but with the advancements in machine learning, advanced algorithms, and computer vision, it’s going to really change the way IoT products now behave and we can already see that shift happening today. IoT, in general, with the kinds of products and services that top developers are creating, is already changing people’s lives.

To learn more about ARTIK Cloud, visit  ARTIK.io and ARTIK.cloud.


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