09.04.19 / Smartphones

Discord and Samsung Team Up for Global Mobile Integration Partnership

Discord and Samsung today announce new exclusive integration on Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy mobile devices. This strategic partnership illustrates two companies’ commitment to bringing high-quality experiences to people who play mobile and cross-platform games and marks the first major mobile platform integration for Discord. These features are on Galaxy Note 10 devices now and in the coming months for other Galaxy devices wherever the Galaxy Store app is available.

“Everyone who plays online games has a mobile phone in their pocket and there’s a really good chance that phone is made by Samsung,” said Jason Citron, CEO of Discord. “Partnering with Samsung means we can make it even easier to see what games your Discord friends are playing or even jump into voice chat directly from the Samsung Game Launcher.”

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“Collaboration with prevailing platforms like Discord means we can offer the best mobile voice and text chat experiences to our users worldwide while enjoying the latest powerful and innovative technologies of Galaxy Note 10 and 10+,” said Inkang Song, Vice President of Technology Strategy Group, IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics.


People can now use Galaxy Note10 and 10+ along with Discord to connect effortlessly with friends who play games across multiple platforms and devices. This functionality integrated into the Game Launcher will allow users playing games on Galaxy smartphones see their Discord friend’s mobile gaming status, making it easier to know when and what their friends are playing. There will also be the option to instantly join friends’ voice chat using the Discord overlay – a feature exclusive to this Discord/Samsung partnership.

Voice overlay and additional Samsung Game Launcher Discord features require the Discord mobile app and a connection to a Samsung account. Friends lists, chat avatar icons, voice overlay, and voice chat features are provided to Galaxy users exclusively through Discord for a limited time. For more information about Discord, visit: www.discordapp.com or follow @discordapp on Twitter.

About Discord
Discord is a free communications platform allowing users to connect with friends and communities via their top tier voice, video, and text chat. Launched in May 2015, Discord now has over 250M users worldwide. Discord is supported by prominent investors including Index Ventures, IVP (Institutional Venture Partners), Spark Capital, Benchmark, and Greenoaks Capital.


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