06.25.19 / Economic Impact

Empowering Innovation Across America

By Emily Becher, Sr. Vice President & Head of Global, Samsung NEXT

Over the course of four decades in the U.S., Samsung has grown from a small sales office in New York to a 20,000-person operation spanning 46 states. Now, Samsung is a market leader in some of the most in-demand consumer products in the world; in some cases, we created entirely new product categories all together.

But we know that innovation isn’t static – it must evolve and shift to keep pace with the fast-changing world around us. More than ever, that change is driven by new technology, consumer habits and business trends that originate in the U.S.


As we look to the future, Samsung remains dedicated in its embrace of the American drive and entrepreneurial spirit that has defined our approach to innovation and led to our growth. Today, that means betting on the fact that the next big idea to change our world will be developed right here in the U.S.

As part of our commitment to empower early-stage startups, Samsung NEXT thinks and acts like a startup within the larger company. Ultimately, this method has changed Samsung’s overall approach to innovation – and driven us to look for talent in all corners of the U.S.

We continue to bet big on our potential here in the U.S., pivoting our investments toward areas such as research and development and emerging technologies. We believe the growing and changing startup community will enable our dream of a connected world.

Samsung partnerships with organizations such as SelectUSA and its tech program further enhance the country’s position as a global leader in technology while strengthening our roots in the U.S for decades to come.

Emily Becher, Sr. Vice President & Head of Global, Samsung NEXT
Emily Becher, Sr. Vice President & Head of Global, Samsung NEXT

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