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Enhancing Samsung Smart TV Security through New Updates

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – June 15, 2018 – At Samsung, we understand how critically important privacy is and will continue to be for our customers. This is why, in 2018, we are working to provide consumers with new and innovative devices that take the home entertainment experience to the next level. While our Smart TVs deliver the great benefits of staying connected, our Privacy and Security teams are working hard to help provide a secure experience for everyone using a Samsung TV.

In an effort to bolster the security of our devices, we are now introducing new security features designed to create a safer online experience with key security enhancements – from browsing the internet on Smart TVs, protecting information users share on websites, and remotely controlling the Smart TV with a mobile device.


Here is an overview of the new security enhancements included in the latest rollout of Samsung’s 2018 Smart TV firmware v1051.2 update.

Safer online experience
The Smart TV firmware update supports a more secure internet browsing experience for the TV which employs enhanced communication methods for data transfer that enables safer internet access.

Multilayer security updates
Updates to our Smart TV platform, which now includes new security enhancements.

  • Increased access controls to the Smart TV keyboard. We have enhanced the security controls on the Smart TV keyboard to help protect critical information entered by users, such as usernames and passwords, to access apps and other features from being viewed by others.
  • Enhanced validation measures for remote control of the Smart TV. Remote access to the Smart TV through a user’s device will be authenticated with unique user device identifiers. These measures are designed to limit access to malicious sites, to validate the application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow access to remote devices and to prevent unauthorized or unsecured access to the Smart TV.

As we know that consumers value data security as much as their viewing experience, our Privacy and Security teams will continue to evaluate the safety of the online experience in our products, such as the safety of integration with mobile apps.

We are listening and learning from our customers, in order to seamlessly blend security functions that will not inhibit the design and functionality of our Smart TVs.

Protecting consumers’ privacy and the security of our devices is a top priority at Samsung and we continually work to improve our security features. As our new firmware update prepares to rollout, we remind all of our customers to keep their software and applications updated at all times.

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