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#EverydayChanges that Show Love for the Environment this Valentine’s Day


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In honor of Valentine’s Day, Samsung is turning red hearts green and celebrating the everyday changes we all can make to have a meaningful impact on the environment. It’s a mission the company takes to heart by incorporating everyday sustainability into every stage of the product life cycle, through sustainable materials, energy efficiency and responsible recycling, and by using 100% renewable energy in its U.S. facilities.

Through the “Everyday Changes, Meaningful Impact” effort, Samsung wants to celebrate and thank people who are joining us on this mission. We’re partnering with popular content creators like Axel Webber, Dylan Efron, Tatchi and Gabriel Perez Silva to show how all of us can work together to leave the world a better place.

Axel Webber is hitting the streets to show love for New Yorkers who wear their sustainable heart on their sleeves. With his signature style, he surprises and delights everyday people making everyday sustainable choices—whether that’s carrying a reusable bag to the supermarket or using a glass or metal water bottle instead of plastic.

@axelwebber #ad I had a blast turning red hearts green with @samsungus. Join the movement and use #EverydayChanges ♬ original sound – Axel

Known for his adventurous spirit and passion for the environment, Dylan Efron takes to TikTok to show the importance of energy efficiency during one of his favorite pastimes, camping. He encourages his fans to make simple switches such as opting for solar power instead of batteries, a canteen instead of disposable bottles and a tent instead of an RV. Samsung has helped reduce more than 301 million metric tons of CO2 emissions since 2009 with energy efficient product improvements — that’s like taking 65 million cars off the road for an entire year.

“We, as human beings, are incredibly lucky to be here,” said Dylan. “And we alone have not only the ability to appreciate the Earth, but make it better.”

@dylanefron #ad @SamsungUS energy-efficient product improvements have helped avoid 301M+ metric tons of CO2 emissions since 2009. #EverydayChanges #thisorthat ♬ original sound – Dylan Efron

Tatchi highlights her love for sustainable fashion with a vintage shopping spree on TikTok. Fans get a behind-the-scenes look into Tatchi’s closet as she spends the day swapping clothes with friends and donating items she no longer wears. In doing so, she helps save the environment and closet space, too. Samsung also is committed to using sustainable resources, and has used 220,000 pounds of recycled plastic in products globally since 2009.

“I took a big rack of clothes to my friend’s house, we all hung out, swapped closets and all got amazing new things,” said Tatchi. “It was such a fun and sustainable way to shop.”

@tringsby #ad #EverydayChanges can have a meaningful impact for the planet. Comment what sustainable #EverydayChanges you’re making and join the movement @samsungus ♬ original sound – tatchi

Gabriel Perez Silva looks to protect the planet that he loves so much. In his latest TikTok, he shows fans some of his favorite recycled and repurposed discoveries, such as a thrifted sweater vest and an upcycled camera. Samsung takes this to heart as well, collecting and repurposing or recycling an average of 100 million pounds of e-waste in the U.S. annually since 2012. As he explains the importance of this practice to viewers, Gabriel leaves his fans thinking about their contributions toward a greener world.

“Some of my favorite items have been repurposed or recycled,” said Gabriel. “My dear professor passed this camera onto me and it is still one of my favorites. What everyday changes are you making?”

@_youngshot #ad #everydaychanges can have a meaningful impact for the planet. Join the movement, and tell me about your favorite recycled treasures. @samsungus ♬ original sound – Gabriel Perez Silva

Samsung outlined its commitment to everyday sustainability at CES 2022. This commitment includes measures like incorporating sustainable materials in its products and packaging, committing to energy efficiency and responsible recycling, and continuing to use renewable energy in its facilities. As communities continue to come together and make eco-conscious choices, together, we can build a more sustainable future.

Users can tag @SamsungUS on Instagram, Stitch/Duet the @SamsungUS TikTok or post their own TikTok and tag @SamsungUS in the caption sharing how they make #EveryDayChanges.

For more on Samsung’s Sustainability efforts, visit the Sustainability Explore page on

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