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Exciting Enhancements For Family Hub Refrigerator Owners

Owners of the Family Hub get more out of their refrigerator via automatic software updates for new and existing users. Family Hub offers a wide range of features that suit your connected life, and the recent enhancements make it easier to meal plan, connect with family members, control the smart home, and entertain – all from the 21.5” LED touch screen on the front of the fridge.

Several recent updates include:

  • One touch smart home control – Samsung’s open smart home platform connects hundreds of compatible devices to make it easy to control your connected home via the SmartThings app. Now, all of this is easy to access from the front of the refrigerator via the SmartThings widget. Whether it’s turning off the lights to set the mood or locking the doors at the end of the night for peace of mind, you can conveniently manage your entire connected home at-a-glance, without having to open the SmartThings app on the fridge or your phone. You can also easily run routines like “Good Morning” and “Good Night” with just one touch.
  • Food to table…fast – With View Inside and Shopping List, the Family Hub makes it easy to stay organized and keep track of what you have in the fridge so meal prep is a breeze. Samsung is taking this a step further with the new Meal Planning feature. Based on family members’ profiles, you can plan out meals for the week that are customized to individual preferences, food allergies or dietary restrictions. The feature is also connected to the Allrecipes app so you can build a meal plan based on what you have on hand and reduce food waste in the process.
  • More ways to stay connected – From fall to-do lists to reminders to “do your chores!”, the Family Hub cover screen now displays up to 15 messages so the whole family can stay on track. When a new memo comes in, the old ones are saved in the Memo app for easy access.
  • New apps – Family Hub includes a new Amazon Dash app that lets Prime Members access their existing virtual dash buttons. Now, users can easily reorder everyday essentials on Amazon right from the front of the fridge. Other additions include the Uber app and a widget for Grubhub so you can order dinner with just a tap or two.

Software enhancements like these happen automatically via an over the network update for existing Family Hub owners[1] . Owners just need to make sure the refrigerator is connected to a Wi-Fi network and accept the pop-up notification that a software update is ready to be downloaded.

The Family Hub refrigerator is available in multiple configurations from French Door to 4-Door Flex. To choose the one that’s best for you, visit the Family Hub page on Samsung.com.

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[1] Includes all Family Hub refrigerator models but the inaugural version.
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