Available in the U.S. starting today

Samsung Galaxy Fold Silver GIF rotating image

The Galaxy Fold represents the biggest leap forward in mobile technology since the first smartphones arrived a decade ago. The category-defining Galaxy Fold reshapes the mobile experience with a tablet-sized screen that folds into a compact device.

Over the past few weeks, thousands of consumers around the world have enjoyed the Galaxy Fold experience for themselves, and today, it’s available in the U.S.

The Galaxy Fold is more than a groundbreaking form factor; it offers a completely new way to use mobile technology. We worked closely with partners to optimize apps from the Android developer community, and to design a UX with more robust multi-tasking and seamless transitioning of apps¹between the front and main display.

Open your Galaxy Fold to plan a night out with friends: message the group, read restaurant reviews and get directions all on one-screen.

Take your productivity to the next level: while on a business trip, review a presentation with your colleagues via video chat on a big screen that closes to fit in your pocket.

Or, take a photo, open the Galaxy Fold to edit it on the 7.3” display and share it across social media.

However you use your mobile device, Galaxy Fold unlocks a new world of possibilities. For users across the U.S., the future unfolds today.

To learn more about the new Galaxy Fold experience, https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/galaxy-fold/.

¹ App Continuity works with select applications; compatible apps growing through third-party developers.