Earlier this week, YouTube creator Shelby Church showed us that you didn’t need a lot of heavy equipment to capture awesome content. All you need is the device you almost always have on you – your phone.

With Spring Break right around the corner, Shelby is taking the Galaxy S20 Ultra on the road. In her latest video, she goes on a surprise road trip with her sister to Big Sur and shows how easy it is to film video of an epic adventure all from your phone.

Check out her top five tips, below:

1) Let the good times roll

The key to any vlog is authenticity. That’s why smartphones like the Galaxy S20 Ultra are even better than DSLRs for making YouTube videos. They allow you to capture real, in-the-moment footage in pristine quality, without heavy equipment. Whether you’re filming from the dashboard of your car or while on a hike, all you have to do is just press record.

2) Play with the camera settings

On the Galaxy S20 Ultra, you have more ways than ever to capture your story. You can film footage of your friends in stunning 8K quality, or film a Night Hyperlapse for a breathtaking transition between scenes.

You can also use features like Super Slow-Mo and Space Zoom to create cinematic b-roll, or set up the scene with a shot from the Ultra-Wide angle lens.

3) Change your scenery

Smartphones make it easier than ever to capture the world just as you see it. Whether you’re inside or outside—filming on the beach during the day or out with your friends at night—the Galaxy S20 Ultra has the biggest camera sensor yet to let in more light. So, day or night you can capture the perfect shot.

4) Bring humor to the editing process

Have fun! Playful subtitles and sound effects can add some light humor to your video, and bring viewers along for the ride.

5)  Embrace spontaneity

When filming a video, you can start with an outline or loose script. But, when you go about filming it, don’t be afraid to capture un-planned moments. Those moments may even be the best part of your footage.

To see more of Shelby and Monica’s epic road trip with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, check out the video below. The Galaxy S20 line is available now.