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[Update] New Update Brings Select Galaxy Z Fold2 Features to the Galaxy Fold


Samsung has always been committed to bringing users the very best of Samsung’s mobile innovations and features, even when they don’t have the very latest Galaxy device.

Starting next week, a software update will begin to rollout in the U.S. to bring select popular features of the award-winning Galaxy Z Fold2 to the device that started it all – the Galaxy Fold. Designed to deliver revolutionary features and user experiences, the Galaxy Z Fold2 marked a recent milestone in Samsung’s foldable journey.

From improved productivity capabilities to unique camera experiences, the latest update1 can take the Galaxy Fold to the next level. Here’s everything you need to know about the update.

Power Up Your Productivity

Whether you are multitasking or working on the go, the latest update helps you get things done fast with the Galaxy Fold.

Instead of spending time finding the apps you need, App Pair lets you launch up to three of your favorite apps together in your preferred split-screen layout.

This feature can be accessed via the Edge Panel, which combines the Multi-Window Tray with Edge Panel for improved convenience. All you need to do is swipe the side of the screen2 to see up to 22 of your favorite apps. The arrangement of the Multi-Active Window layout can now be arranged horizontally, giving you added flexibility for multitasking.

When you need more screen space to work with, Samsung DeX lets you easily connect the Galaxy Fold wirelessly to a Smart TV3. All you need to do is tap on the Samsung DeX icon in quick panel.

Once the two devices are connected, you can customize the second screen to suit your needs with screen zoom and various font size options. You can also use the Galaxy Fold as a touchpad to control the second display.

Maximum Flexibility

The Galaxy Fold’s unique folding form factor is designed to help you capture photos and videos exactly the way you want. The latest update brings maximum flexibility to this innovative camera experience.

Shooting with Auto framing is like having a dedicated cameraman by your side. Depending on how many people are in front of the camera, the feature zooms in or out to ensure the Galaxy Fold captures the moment. It can track motion to keep the subject centrally framed.

Capture View Mode lets you capture and review photos in real-time. It shows you up to five of the latest photos or videos on the left side of the Main Screen, while giving you a preview of your next shot on the other half.

Dual Preview enhances the collaboration between the subject and the photographer by showing a preview of the image on both the Cover and Main Screens of Galaxy Fold. This feature also works with video in Pro Video mode.

The latest update lets you maximize the power of the Galaxy Fold’s rear camera, even when you are taking selfies. Simply open the Camera app on the Cover Screen and activate Rear Cam Selfie.

Pro Video Mode on the Galaxy Fold now comes with more capturing (21:9 ratio and 24fps video) and creative functions (histogram, focus peaking), while Single Take lets you capture up to 15 seconds of content to deliver a selection of best moments in photos and video.

Stay Seamlessly Connected

Forget about repeating long, complicated Wi-Fi passwords to your friends and family. With the Galaxy Fold, you can now directly share the password of the Wi-Fi you are connected to trusted Galaxy devices that are near you.

The updated Wi-Fi feature can also show you the speed of nearby connections (Very Fast, Fast, Normal Slow) to help you easily find one that’s suitable.

[1] Specific launch date and available features may vary by carrier or market.
[2] Edge Panel is placed on the right side of the screen by default, but can be moved to the opposite side via Settings
[3] Samsung DeX wireless connection is available on smart TVs that support Phone Screen mirroring only. (For an optimal experience, use on Samsung smart TVs launched in 2019 or later).

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