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Getting a Digital Handle on Your Hydration

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Do you know if you’re drinking adequate amounts of water each day? Unless you’ve been to your doctor, you don’t have this kind of information at your fingertips.

Samsung believes the midpoint between healthcare and consumer technology is one of the ripest territories for investing in tech for good, which is why we’ve been looking to invest and partner with leading companies and start-ups for the next generation of healthcare innovation, and how we came to partner with LVL.


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The founders of LVL, pronounced “Level,” got their start in the medical space and saw the need for consumer electronics to provide everyday users with practical health information, like hydration levels. With over 75 percent of people experiencing chronic dehydration, LVL found a way to empower people with the data they need when they need it to creatively take control of their health.

Across Samsung’s investment divisions, we seek collaboration in and outside of the U.S. with dozens of start-ups like LVL each year — so that together, we can create a future where life-changing tools and solutions are within reach for everyday people, everywhere.

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