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Samsung Summer Discovery Series with Hoda Kotb

On Monday, July 17th, Samsung hosted the first session of their 2nd annual Summer Discovery Series featuring guest speaker Hoda Kotb, co-host of the fourth hour of NBC’s Today Show and correspondent for Dateline NBC. The event took place at Samsung 837, where attendees had the opportunity to participate in an intimate conversation with Kotb as she shared inspirational career highlights.

Hosting the night was Michelle Froah, Vice President of Marketing Excellence, Strategy and Integration at Samsung 837, who shared some of her own career highlights. Guests at the event were able to take part in an open discussion with Kotb, as well as have their headshots taken and their resumes reviewed to help enhance their professional profiles.

Hoda Kotb shares her inspirational career journey to a live audience at Samsung 837
Hoda Kotb shares her inspirational career journey to a live audience at Samsung 837.

Throughout the discussion, Kotb shared her unique story and highlighted pivotal career moments; including how determined she was at the start of her journalism career, surviving breast cancer, and embarking on her new journey as a mom. Kotb also reflected on specific career events that emphasized the importance of perseverance, being flexible, embracing your uniqueness, and finding your moxie. In embracing those themes, she translated her own experiences into advice that resonated with all audience members.

“You have ‘it’ … the passion to hit the ground running on your career path,” said Hoda Kotb. “I’m a huge advocate for investing in our future leaders and was thrilled for the opportunity to speak at Samsung’s Summer Discovery Series kick-off—I thrived on the energy in the room! I hope that by sharing my story I was able to help or inspire the great, young minds in attendance.”

The second installment of the Samsung Summer Discovery Series will take place on Monday, July 31st, and will feature guest speaker Kara Ross, designer and entrepreneur, to be followed by founder and CEO Norman Golightly on August 14th and producer Tommy Oliver on August 28th.

All events are open to the public. For those interested in attending, please register here.

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