03.30.21 / Sustainability

[Infographic] History of Galaxy S Eco-Conscious Packaging

Samsung takes seriously our responsibility to care for our communities and our environment.  That is why our sustainability strategy prioritizes both renewable energy and energy efficiency. In 2018, Samsung announced plans to source renewable energy for 100% of the energy used for all its factories, office buildings, and operational facilities in the United States, Europe, and China and we are pleased to have achieved this goal.

Through continuous efficiency improvements and changes in distribution, manufacturing, repair and recycling, we are reducing the impact of the devices that our customers love and demand. Samsung is dedicated to providing its users with products and services designed to make their every day more epic. A crucial part of this commitment is providing people with innovations that protect the planet and conserve our natural resources.

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Check out the infographic below for a historical look at the Galaxy S eco-conscious packaging.

Galaxy S Series Eco Packaging Infographic


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