06.21.16 / Emerging Technology

Internet of Things: Transforming the Future – Samsung Framework Paper

The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly become one of the most important technology trends of the digital era. It already touches almost every industry and will increasingly transform our lives and societies for the better.

For policymakers, IoT offers opportunities to deliver vastly better policy outcomes, more efficiently and at much lower cost. Many of these transformations are already under way, but many are just beginning.

With IoT at this pivotal juncture, Samsung, along with co-founding partners Intel and the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), is bringing together key US policymakers, IoT innovators and thought leaders to map out the road ahead through the National IoT Strategy Dialogue. To help inform that discussion, this Framework Paper sets out Samsung’s vision for an IoT based on universal principles of a human-centered approach, openness, and collaboration.

We hope you will join with us on this exciting journey, so we can all build an IoT that delivers safer, more efficient, and more sustainable societies, with a better quality of life for all.

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