“What drives us to innovate and improve our devices is really our consumers,” says Justin Denison, Sr. Vice President, Mobile Product Strategy and Marketing for Samsung Electronics America. And Note users are Samsung’s most engaged consumer base: they use and expect more from their devices, and are more vocal about the features they desire. They’re also Samsung’s most loyal: 85%  of Note consumers surveyed globally are simply “proud” to own one and tell people about it.

With the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung delivers these consumers “the most connected and powerful device we have,” says Denison. With its spacious Infinity Display, covering nearly the entire front of the device, the Samsung Note 8’s screen provides not only a superb viewing experience but also an extraordinary writing surface. Boasting an immersive 6.3-inch, 19.5:9 screen, users can scan news update and write message at the same time — all with the help of the Note 8’s signature stylus, the S pen. Possessing an improved processor, and an accurate tip that’s the same size as a ballpoint pen, writing’s never been easier.

“We’re constantly searching for ways that make it feel more like a writing instrument,” says Justin Denison. Not to mention, when you flip the device around, you’ve got “by far the best camera we’ve ever made,” raves Denison.  In fact, it’s also the first dual-camera device to possess dual optical image stabilization, making for clearer and crisper photos even when zoomed in 10-times out.

Indeed, the Galaxy Note 8 represents a crucial stepping-stone toward Samsung’s vision of a completely connected world, where mobile devices serve as linchpins. “We call it ‘meaningful innovation,’” remarks Denison — innovation that allows people to only be more creative and groundbreaking, to do “bigger things,” but also accomplish “things they didn’t think were previously possible.”