Kara Ross Shares Her Story at the Samsung Summer Discovery Series

On Monday, July 31, Samsung hosted the second session of their 2nd annual Summer Discovery Series featuring guest speaker Kara Ross: famed jewelry designer, businesswoman and entrepreneur. The event took place at Samsung 837, where attendees were able to take part in an intimate conversation with Ross as she shared career advice and reflected on her own career journey.

Ross provided encouraging advice for fashion industry hopefuls, focusing on topics including how she got her start in the jewelry business, the importance of moving past rejection, maintaining a good attitude, and owning your personal responsibility to give back to others through your work. Reflecting on her own experience with interns, Ross highlighted how interns who learned to make themselves indispensable to her were the most valuable. The discussion covered the entirety of Ross’ career, from her humble beginnings in fashion publishing after Georgetown University, to her in the world of jewelry design. She talked about the importance of succeeding through failure and having the tenacity and perseverance that allowed her to make it into stores like Bergdorf Goodman.

“The best advice I ever received was the word NO doesn’t hurt,” said Kara Ross. “Never be afraid to go for it, you have to get used to people saying NO, pick yourself up and keep going. Authenticity over everything, follow anything that excites and motivates you.”

The event was co-moderated by Jeff Pohlman, VP of Corporate Communications and Social Responsibility, and Natasha Harvey, Employer Branding Intern, both of Samsung Electronics America. “This was such a fantastic opportunity for young people to see what success looks like through the lens of someone who had to fight and scrape to survive and thrive. The fact that Kara stayed for 90 minutes after the event to talk one on one with people speaks volumes about her character,” Pohlman commented.

“Never be afraid to go for it, you have to get used to people saying NO, pick yourself up and keep going.”

–  Kara Ross

Guests were also given the opportunity to have their headshots taken and have their resumes reviewed in an effort to help enhance their professional profiles.

The next installment of the Samsung Summer Discovery Series will take place on Monday, August 14th and will feature guest speaker Norman Golightly, founder and CEO.  Producer Tommy Oliver will be featured on August 28th.

All events are open to the public. For those interested in attending, please register here.

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