Leading Camera Lab Report: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Named New Smartphone Camera Champion

Samsung equips every smartphone we make with an industry-leading camera for a very simple reason. For most users, their smartphone is the most important camera they own, and we’re committed to making sure you never miss a moment due to low light, slow focus, or sluggish camera reaction time.

How does Samsung’s commitment to smartphone camera excellence measure up? Just ask the experts. This week, the Galaxy S7 edge’s photo and video capabilities drew a stellar review from DxOMark, the trusted industry standard for camera and lens image quality measurements and ratings– making the S7 edge the best smartphone camera they’ve ever tested.  In its analysis, DxOMark named the Galaxy S7 edge as the new smartphone camera champion. The Galaxy S7 edge achieved the highest Mobile Score for outstanding image quality.

From blink-of-an-eye autofocus delivering fewer blurry photos, to superior low-light photography, to significant advancements in video capture, the Galaxy S7 edge gives users a chance to capture every memory reliably and true to life. Central to this performance is the groundbreaking dual-pixel technology in the Galaxy S7 edge camera—previously found only in expensive DSLR cameras. The S7 edge dual-pixel sensor, wider F1.7 apeture, and bigger pixels work together to make sharp and beautiful photography possible in the low-light environments where most people take most of their photographs—rendering the S7 edge’s speedy camera all the more versatile and its photographs all the more stunning.

Today, millions of people rely on their smartphones as their go-to camera, and making these cameras faster, easier to use and better than ever is a Samsung priority. As the DxOMark analysis affirms, if you take the Galaxy S7 edge for a test drive, the results will speak for themselves.

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