Today, Librestream Technologies Inc. and Samsung Electronics America and announced a joint augmented reality (AR) solution designed for industrial workers in manufacturing, transportation and public safety markets. The solution integrates Librestream’s Onsight Augmented Reality Enterprise platform with Samsung’s latest ruggedized tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro to deliver a solution that will help improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of industrial workers around the world.

The Librestream AR platform includes remote expert assistance, digital work instructions and content management—as well as its Onsight Cube wearable thermal camera for asset analysis. By combining this platform with Samsung’s Tab Active Pro—a purpose-built, military-grade certified tablet built for workers in harsh environments—teams can stay well-connected and workers can gain fast assistance in rough locations, whether working indoors or out in the field.

The solution is designed for workers in industries such as manufacturing, transportation and public safety. For example, a worker in a manufacturing facility can use the solution to accelerate an equipment inspection. Using digital work instructions, the worker steps through a consistent procedure and accesses remote experts via video to help diagnose unforeseen problems rapidly.

“For workers in the field, factory floor or other tough locations, their work environments demand rugged hardware that can endure and perform in those situations,” said Charlie Neagoy, VP, Business Development at Librestream. “They also require AR software that can perform in the equally challenging network conditions. The Galaxy Tab Active Pro with the Onsight AR platform ensures that workers are safer, faster, and more efficient.”

The Galaxy Tab Active Pro and its family are certified Onsight Optimized™ products. This level of certification involves extensive and ongoing hardware and software testing as well as tailored capabilities to maximize performance. Initial customers and use cases include remote expert support and training for industrial manufacturing and field service organizations. To learn more about the Galaxy Tab Active Pro, please click here. To learn more about the Onsight platform, please click here.

“Today’s industrial businesses require mobile solutions that not only increase productivity, but also stand up to the rougher elements of industrial workplaces,” said Taher Behbehani, Head of B2B Mobile, Samsung Electronics America. “Samsung is proud to collaborate with Librestream to deliver a ruggedized enterprise tablet that uses AR technologies to improve efficiencies, while ensuring seamless operation in tough environments.”

The Tab Active Pro is the latest addition to the Samsung family of smartphones and tablets designed for rugged environments; the same environments the Onsight AR Platform is optimized for. To learn more about the collaboration between Librestream and Samsung, please visit the Samsung Insights post here.

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Librestream empowers workers to rapidly diagnose, inspect, and maintain assets anywhere in the world. The Onsight augmented reality platform is built for enterprise and front-line workers to collaborate virtually and access content from the world’s toughest environments. Installed in over 120 countries, Onsight delivers measurable business outcomes including increased aircraft availability, accelerated product delivery, and faster issue resolution. Visit Librestream at and connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.